Welcome to Helotes ES Extracurriculars!

Below is a list of clubs and extracurriculars we offer at Helotes ES.

Jesse James
Meeting Time & Location
Thursdays 3:05-4:05 Helotes ES Library

Complete chess classes offered through Northside I.S.D Community Education. 1st to 5th Grade Students

From beginner to intermediate chess learners, Complete Chess offers a flexible curriculum to help students improves in chess. We offer a nurturing atmosphere of knowledge, where students can grow into competitive chess tournaments on a weekly to monthly basis. Chess has many interdisciplinary benefits for students, such as improved concentration, critical thinking, problem solving, long term planning and much more! Complete Chess hopes that you will join our after school chess club and enjoy playing and studying this invigorating game. 

Thursdays: Sept 22nd, 29th, Oct 6th, 13th, 27th Nov 3rd, 10th

Ms. Williams & Ms. Tracy
Meeting Time & Location
Spring 2023 3:30 - 4:40 PM
Ms. Sillick-Nash

Helotes Choir is a singing performance for 4th and 5th graders. We have performances at school and out in the community. 

Ms. M. Rodriguez
Brittany Price
Meeting Time & Location
Wednesday 3:05-4:05 in the Gym

All 1st - 5th graders are welcome to join! 

Two sessions in a school year for Fall and Spring Sessions. 

Fall Session on Wednesday from Sept 28th - Dec 14th 


Ms. Wanke & Ms. Canales
Meeting Time & Location
Wednesdays Spring 2023
Meeting Time & Location
Thursdays 3:05-4:05 in Science Lab

Classes Thursday from Sept 22nd to Nov 10th

Jr Doctor Body Systems explode into science, simple machines, first aid & CPR rockets / drones, energy electricity, CSI - Forensics, Chemistry Cells & DNA Blasters, Pet Vet, and so much more!! Meets in the Science Lab. 


Shelly Fluke
Meeting Time & Location
Tuesdays 3:05-4:05pm in the Art Room

Kids meet after school once a week for 12 weeks of Creative Fun! 

Classes on Tuesdays from Sept 20th to Dec 13th

Our classes offer a wide range of mixed media that will ignite creativity in every child. Students will experiment with drawing painting, acrylics on canvas, chalk pastels, watercolor, collage, clay sculpture and much more. Students are guided through a step by step lesson, giving their personal touch to their projects as they learn about color theory, patterns, shading, and blending as well as several other art concepts and techniques along the way. Students make personal choices, contribute ideas, work together and independently, and nurture their imaginations all while having FUN! This spring session, each student will receive one of their masterpieces framed and ready to display. Supplies are of professional quality. 

Ms. Fey
Meeting Time & Location
Daily 7:11 & 2:55
Ms. Bickley

Hey there, Bulldogs! Have you heard the exciting news? We're thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new club at Helotes Elementary…PAWS! PAWS is now accepting applications from interested 4th and 5th graders!

PAWS is all about amplifying the learning and engaging activities happening at our school. Picture this - a group of enthusiastic and creative students coming together with a common goal: to share “PAWSitive Prints" with our Helotes community! PAWS is not just any ordinary club, but a student public relations club that aims to spread the positive things happening at Helotes Elementary! PAWS will focus on making a real impact with students, staff, parents, and our community!

What are some of the activities PAWS will be part of?
🐾 Capturing and composing content for our Helotes Elementary Twitter (X) account
🐾 Capturing and composing content for our Helotes Elementary Instagram account
🐾 Writing news stories for our Helotes Elementary web page
🐾 Being part of creating and hosting the brand new Helotes Elementary PAWS podcast

What are the student requirements for being considered as a PAWS club member?
🐾 ATTEND, PARTICIPATE, and be ON TIME TO ALL weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7 AM
🐾 Be part of a collaborative team
🐾 Represent Helotes Elementary showing responsibility, trustworthiness, and respect
🐾 Have a passion for seeking out newsworthy content to share with our community
🐾 Show appreciation and care for technology
🐾 Follow the NISD Acceptable Use Policy
🐾 Parent permission to publish online: student-created content
🐾 Parent permission to have first name and photo (always two or more students) published online

Together, we can create a ripple effect of learning, showcasing, and celebrating the awesomeness happening at our school! So why wait? Apply to be on the PAWS team and let's make a difference together!

Ms. Smith & Ms. Brelsford
Meeting Time & Location
Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:30

Starting 10/19/23 in Ms. Smith's Room

Alejandra Cantu
Meeting Time & Location
Fridays from 3:05-4:05 in the Science Lab

Classes Friday beginning on Sept 23rd

Simple machines will come alive as students build and program robots in this hands-on class! Working in groups, students will learn about sensors, gears, pulleys, and programming to create robotic catapults, crossbows, battleships, and more! Students will learn about mechanical movement and practice critical thinking skills using WeDo 2.0 robotics equipment and iPads provided by Snapology Class takes place in a classroom inside your school immediately after dismissal and pick up is at 4pm at the front of the school.

Ms. Sily & Ms. Chambers
Meeting Time & Location
Tuesdays Starting 2/14/22 in Ms. Sily's Room

Solar cars is a free and exciting program we offer to any 4th and 5th grade student who has an interest in building, exploring, and competing in the science of solar energy and racing. We will spend our time developing engineering skills as we work in teams to design and build a working solar car model. Mrs. Sily and Mrs. Chambers can not wait to get this program moving forward with an awesome team of students! Our spots are limited, and we can only take 8 cars to the big race at Gustafson Stadium, so be on the lookout in late January for the permission slips to Solar Cars.

Ms. Elizondo

STEAM Team is a club to encourage third grade students to use their creativity to design through several engineering challenges. The challenge is to design Rube Goldberg machines, which are fun, yet complicated, humorous machines that perform a simple task using simple machines.

Mr. Alexander
Meeting Time & Location
Tues/Thurs in C106
Ms. Locke & Ms. Smith
Meeting Time & Location
Wednesdays 7:00 - 7:35 AM
Ms. Sily & Ms. Chambers
Meeting Time & Location
Tuesdays Starting 11/1/22 3:15 - 4:15 PM in Ms. Sily's room

Open to 4th & 5th graders only

Young Astronauts is a club filled with creative hands-on activities that involves team work to come up with solutions in space for aspiring scientists. Each year, 5th grade students participate in a Stargazing Event. Only 30 students can be part of Young Astronauts, so a drawing is held to determine who will be part of this year's Young Astronauts. Students will be notified that day.


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