Retirement Process at NISD

The Retirement Process

Retirement is a decision that only you can make. The process can be simple if you plan ahead. Below are answers to frequently asked questions that will assist you in getting started and guide you through the process.

1. Register for MyTRS

  • If you are a member nearing retirement, you should contact TRS at least six months prior to your anticipated retirement date to allow enough time to complete and submit all required forms. TRS has made it easier to plan for retirement and access your TRS information. To register, visit the My TRS website
  • After establishing a user ID and password of your own choosing, members can plan for retirement, keep track of their personal accounts and receive communications from TRS online. Registering for MyTRS will be very useful as you are going through the retirement process. Visit the TRS Planning for Retirement webpage to read about planning your retirement with TRS.


2. Call TRS at 1-800-223-8778 to make sure you are eligible to retire.


3. Submit request for a retirement estimate and packet.


4. Once you have made your decision, received and reviewed the TRS Retirement Packet, you may:

  • Review the information carefully. Use the TRS Retirement Checklist as a guide to ensure that all necessary forms are completed. Send all forms to TRS.  OR
  • Contact TRS for assistance with completing all necessary forms. Assistance can be provided over the phone or in person by appointment.  OR
  • Contact your Benefits Program Specialist to schedule an appointment for assistance with completing all necessary forms and to complete your exit from NISD. Benefits Program Specialists are assigned by letters of the alphabet based on employee last name, see below.


Other helpful hints to get you started:

Read your annual statement from TRS, which is mailed to you in October/November. Your annual statement can also be found on MyTRS. If you feel there is an error on your annual statement, contact TRS at 1-800-223-8778.

What does Northside ISD need from me?

1. Northside ISD Notification of Retirement form with your signature

As soon as you have decided to retire, turn in your Notification of Retirement form to the Benefits Office and provide a copy to your supervisor/principal. Please include your date of retirement and your last day of work. TRS requires the date of retirement to be the last day of the month regardless of your last day of work. Your last day of work cannot be later than your retirement date with the exception of the first two weeks of June. For example, if you are planning on retiring at the end of your contract on June 7th, TRS will allow you to submit a May 31st retirement date (that is the only exception).


2. TRS Form 7: “Notice of Final Deposit Before Retirement”

This form is included in your TRS packet. You must turn this form in to the NISD Benefits Office. The District will send the form to TRS after you receive your final paycheck. This form cannot be sent to TRS prior to your final paycheck. For questions regarding the status of your TRS Form 7, you may contact the NISD Payroll Department at (210) 397-8675.


3. Final Considerations

  • Ensure the payroll department has a correct forwarding address for you.
  • Make sure you return the following items on your last day at work:
    • Keys and Access Cards
    • ID badges, uniforms, tools and equipment
    • Electronic devices, such as laptops, computers, etc


What do I need to know about benefits?

1. When do my Northside ISD benefits end?

If you are currently participating in the District insurance benefits, your coverage will end on the last day of that month you retire. If you retire at the end of your work calendar, you have the option to continue your benefits (medical, dental and vision) through August 31st.


2. Can I have health insurance coverage after I retire?

Yes, health insurance is available through TRS-Care for retirees who meet the eligibility requirements. Contact TRS at 1-800-223-8778 for questions regarding your eligibility for TRS Care.

If ineligible for TRS-Care, you will be eligible for health insurance through COBRA, and rates will remain the same as current UHC rates, minus the district’s contributions and with an additional 2% administration fee. COBRA coverage will only be available for 18 months and it is administered by Proficient Benefit Solutions. A packet will be mailed to you shortly after your separation from the District.


3. Can I have dental and vision insurance coverage after I retire?

Yes, both coverages are offered to retirees at the same rate and for the same plans.


4. How will my TRS retirement benefits affect my Social Security benefits?

Your TRS retirement benefits will likely result in a reduction in your Social Security benefits. Visit If you have any questions related to Social Security benefits, call Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213.

There are two specific publications that may be of importance to you:


5. How will my TRS health insurance benefits affect my Medicare benefits?

You should apply for Medicare during your initial enrollment period with Medicare, which begins three months before the month of your 65th birthday. To enroll in Medicare, contact Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213.

If you have any questions related to Medicare benefits, call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) to order free Medicare publications, and they will be mailed to you. You can expect to receive them within 3 weeks.

You can also go to the Medicare Publications Website to view or download current free Medicare publications.

To best determine how TRS-Care will interact with Medicare, go to the following TRS Websites:

FAQs: TRS-Care