It is the goal of Northside Compensation Department to strive for and maintain a total compensation package that will attract, retain and reward a superior workforce to successfully achieve the mission of the District—meeting the needs of students while serving as good stewards of the Northside taxpayers.

Pay Schedules

Careers at NISD are scheduled in three groups (see the jobs page for a description of which jobs fit into which group):

Hiring Schedules

This schedule is based on years of experience and college degree level, which are tied to the Texas Teacher Pay Scale, as approved by the State Legislature.

Midpoint Schedules

“Midpoint” schedules include a series of pay grades with an established minimum, midpoint and maximum salary that are tied to market conditions and other job related factors.  No state statutory requirement for entry compensation is required.



Auxiliary Support (Schedule X)

Bi-weekly144.22 KB
Monthly118.12 KB

Alternative Schedules

These pay scales cover various substitute, temporary, non-regular and seasonal jobs that are not part of the other pay systems.


How often are employees paid?
Auxiliary employees are paid every other Friday; all other employees are paid on the last Friday of each month.

Do salaries increase each year? By how much?
Most years they do. Salary increases are a function of the annual NISD budget process which takes into account State and Federal support, local revenue and salary trends.

Is Social Security taken out of paychecks?
No, Social Security is not withdrawn from District employee paychecks. Instead all employees automatically belong to the state's Teacher Retirement System, referred to as TRS.


Stipends and supplements are paid for the performance of extra-curricular duties or as a requirement for the position, in accordance with District-approved schedules. A stipend or supplement is not a property right and all stipends and supplements are reviewed and modified on an annual basis dependent upon available resources.

Eligible employees receive stipends and supplements beginning in September and every month thereafter with the exception of Spring stipends. These types of stipends are paid every April.

Beyond salary, employees at Northside enjoy extensive benefits packages that foster good health and happiness for each employee.