Hello, my name is Mrs. Hudon and I am the K-5 STEM Lab Teacher at LVE! With 10+ years of educational experience, GT certification, and PK-8 Science certification, I make the world of STEM come alive for our Lions.

The overarching goal of this program is to prepare students for careers that have not yet been created. Here at the LVE STEM Lab, students will gain a variety of “hard skills” such as various academic understandings, as well as “soft skills” such as social-emotional awareness and the ability to work as part of a team.  

Using the four Northside STEM Standards as the backbone of lab lessons, students are provided opportunities to strengthen their ability to communicate, collaborate, think critically, and let their creativity shine. We focus on educating the whole child and letting their interest, creativity, and desire lead the way. 

A growth mindset is key and is explicitly taught and fostered every time students step into the STEM lab. An environment of “failing forward” and learning from experiences is crucial and continuously stressed. Throughout the year, students will participate in numerous hands-on problem-based learning opportunities focused on but not limited to teamwork, engineering, coding, and robotics.   

NISD STEM Standards

  1. Students will identify problems, design innovative and creative solutions, conduct tests, evaluate results, and redesign while developing grit and determination.
  2. Students will collect and analyze data to explore STEM concepts and ideas.
  3. Students will select and apply appropriate tools and concepts of science, technology, and math to justify their engineering design based on evidence and logical reasoning.
  4. Students will clearly communicate their ideas and designs with peers, give and receive constructive feedback, and use a variety of communication tools.


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