In the Los Reyes STEM lab, students will:

-Identify problems, design innovative and creative solutions, conduct tests, evaluate results, and redesign while developing grit and determination.

-Collect and analyze data to explore STEM concepts and ideas.

-Select and apply appropriate tools and concepts of science, technology, and math to justify their engineering design based on evidence and logical reasoning.

-Clearly communicate their ideas and designs with peers, give and receive constructive feedback, and use a variety of communication tools.


During each visit, the 4 STEM Fluency Skills will be honed: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical thinking. We also work on the social-emotional skills of self control, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.


When visiting the STEM Lab, Los Reyes students will experience hands-on activities in Science, Robotics, Coding, as well as various Engineering Units.

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