Meeting Time & Location
3:05-4:35pm Mondays starts the week of Feb 4th

Coding in Minecraft. 

Calling all Minecraft lovers! Want to code? Students code inside the game! We also use ingame electricity (redstone) to build amazing traps while teaching logic circuity. They work with diodes (repeaters) to build complex contraptions, cunning devices, and powerful pitfalls. 

3D Video Game Making

Why play games instead of creating one? Our students use a visual programming language to create exciting and professional looking games to take home. They master coniditional formatting while creating the best video game ever. The point and click software enables many of our graduates to program even more 3D video games at home.

Video Game Creation 

Build the best video game ever! Capitalize on your kid's love for video games by letting them build their own. Their imagination is the limit as they create multiple and unique video games. Your kids learn programming & apply concepts they've learned in math, all while having a blast. We create exciting, professional looking games to share at home. New Software and Curricula 

LEGO Robotics

EV3 Mindstorm robots excite a kid like nothing else. We'll cover switches, loops, sensors, and much more as you learn skills to defeat our daily challenge. Our robot games reinforce the curicula in fun and exciting ways that few kids can resist. 

Jesse James
Meeting Time & Location
Grade 2-5 Wednesdays Jan 29th - April 8th

From beginner to intermediate chess learners, Complete Chess offers a flexible curriculum to help students improve in chess. We offer a nurturing atmosphere of knowledge, where students can then grow into competitive chess tournaments on a weekly to monthly basis. Chess has many interdisciplinary benefits for students, such as improved concentration, critical thinking, problem solving, long term planning and much more! Complete Chess hopes that you will join our afterschool chess club and enjoy playing and studying this invigorating game. 

Graciela Portilla
Meeting Time & Location
Tuesday 3:00pm-4:00pm Jan 28-March 3

Young Rembrandts provides all classroom supplies and trained instructor. Classes are held immediately after school. Parents are responsible for transportation at class end. Inspire your child's love of art with Young rembrandts. Our artists can expect to draw an exciting new lesson every class! They will learn true artist concepts in art, drawing, and color technique using math and geometry. New curriculum for every session. Enroll now! 

Monica Krumbholz and Jeanette Mireles
Meeting Time & Location
After School 3:00-4:00pm Every Wednesday from Jan29 - Mar 25th

Flight Club is an after school program that encourages students to learn about flight, then design, create, test, and improve their designs. Students will learn about flight through designing kites, parachutes, paper airplanes, and balloon or straw rockets. 

A maximum of 20 students from 1st grade will be randomly selected (lottery) from those students who turn in the interest form. If your child is selected, he/she will be notified by January 24th. Meetings will be held after-school from 3:00-4:00pm. 

Meeting Time & Location
Thursdays Los reyes 1/30 3:00-4:00pm

Introducing the freshest way to learn piano or keyboard; iPianoLab Keyboard Clubs! While most traditional methods concentrate on months of drills and baby tunes before a student gets to play real music, iPianoLab teaches kids to play songs they really like! Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Super Mario Bos, Star Wars, even Bach and Beethoven are all in reach, right from the first lesson! We break the music down into simple, great sounding arrangements kids love to play! And a child who likes practicing their songs is a child who will make rapdio progress on the instrument! 

Grades K and up: 9:1 student - teacher ratio means a lot of individual attention!

Students progress at their own pace: Students can join at anytime throughout the year and learn new skills within each six-week level!

5 Progressive levels through out the year: Class meets for 1 hour per week right after school.

Level 1: Playing Melodies (rhythm and counting), Letter Names of the Keys.

Level 2: Reading the Treble Staff.

Level 3: Reading the Grand Staff

Level 4: Learning Chords!

Level 5: Maj, Min, Sus 4 Chords!

Portable keyboard lab set up right at school!: Keyboard and headphones will be provided for each child enrolled.

No Keyboard at home? Visit our website for a first time buyers guide to help locate an inexpensive first instrument!

All learning materials and songs provided: Recitals, fun games and contests

Includes free access to our online site where students and parents can download video lessons, as well as songs, exercises, and more! 

Meeting Time & Location
Jan. 31 - Apr 3. 9 weeks After School 3:00pm-4:00pm

We are dedicated to helping inspire, encourage, and motivate the next generation to become Scientists, Dreamers, Doctors, Astronauts, Vets, Problem Solvers, Teacher and more. Is is our passion and vision to ignite the desires of our students to follow their own path by going forth to create their own future and change the world for the better!

Register at



Lisa Pena
Meeting Time & Location
Dec - March Wednesdays 3:00-4:00 PM for 8 times Library

Makerspace activities provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build, invent, and collaborate. This kind of club empowers students to seek out and make decisions in an interactive, team environment.

The Los Reyes Makerspace Club will be open to a combined total of twenty 1st and 2nd grade students and will meet on Wednesday after school from 3:00-4:00 PM for a total of eight times. Permission slips will be accepted until Monday, December 9th. If more than 20 students turn in a permission slip, I will draw 20 names. Students that have been selected (please note that there will be a drawing to narrow down the total to 20 members if there are more than 20 students interested in joining) to join this makerspace club will receive a confirmation letter on Tuesday, December 10th. Group members will come to their first makerspace session in the library on Wednesday, December 11th from 3:00-4:00 PM. Here are the dates that the sessions will be held: 12/11 12/18 1/8 1/15 1/22 1/29 2/5 2/12

The club members will meet on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 PM for a total of 8 sessions starting Wednesday, December 11th. Group members will need to meet in the library promptly after school and will be dismissed for parent pickup or Learning Tree at 4:00 PM.

Meeting Time & Location
Tuesdays Jan 28. - March 3. 3-4pm

Simple machines will come alive as students build and program robots in this hands-on class! Working in groups, students will learn about sensors, gears, pulleys, and programming to create robotic catapults, crossbows, battleships and more! Students will learn about mechanical movement and practice critical thinking skills using WeDo 2.0 robotics equipment and iPads provided by Snapology. Class takes place in a classroom inside your school immediately after dismissal and pick up is at 4PM at the front of the school. 

Julia Colvin
Meeting Time & Location
Wednesdays January 29-March 25. 3:00pm-4:00pm

We will be participating in a local and district art contests, school-wide projects, and other fun daily activities, as well! I look forward to working more with your child and I know they will have a lot of fun. After all, the more art they do the smARTer they are! 

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