• Students will work in pairs to design arcade-type games
  • Students will think through game design, strategies for success, rules, and prize systems
  • Students will run their games at their school carnival or at a family event, such as science night

8 weeks/sessions + science night or school carnival

Eligibility: 2nd 

Research challenges facing today’s scientists

Design, build, test and program robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS®technology

Apply real-world math and science concept

Learn critical thinking, team-building, and presentation skills

Participate in tournaments and celebrations

Understand and practice Gracious Professionalism

  • Students will spend approximately 2 weeks learning about, designing, and testing each type of flying object
  • Students will learn about kites, parachutes, paper airplanes, and/or rockets.

8 weeks/sessions (Optional  culminating event)

Eligibility: K-1st

Mrs. Cunningham
Meeting Time & Location
Wednesdays 7:15am


The goals of Project ACORN are to improve environmental literacy for participating PreK - 8th grade students through hands-on, inquiry-based science activities and to increase community involvement in environmental science activities by addressing plant biodiversity in the San Antonio River watershed

Raul Baltierra

October 12 - December 7

Solar Cars is a non-tuition based after-school science enrichment program for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students. Students will build engineering skills as they work in teams to design and build a working solar car model. Students will apply science knowledge, creativity, and grit to work this exciting engineering task.

Eligibility: 4th and 5th

  • Runs 8-10 weeks, based on campus need
  • Engineer design program where students create Rube Goldberg machines
  • Each machine has a goal and parameters (i.e. pop a balloon in 5 steps)
  • Students use a combination of simple machines: pulley, wheel and axle, lever, inclined plane
  • Students should have the opportunity to share or present their work with their peers or campus/parent community
  • Optional: recording and editing of working Rube Goldberg machines

Eligibility: 3rd

Mrs. Montoya
Meeting Time & Location
Thursdays 3:10pm-3:50pm

The club will focus on processing fiber into yarn and teaching students to crochet and weave.

For: 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students

Space-science related curriculum as an after-school program focus changes yearly, International Space Station for 21-22

Stargaizing Night - a district wide-event held at Ward ES the night of Friday, February 25th for 5th grade Young Astronauts.

8 weeks + Stargazing night

Eligibility: 4th-5th 


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