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Science and Social Studies

In Northside, our concept-based curriculum for Science and Social Studies is interactive, hands-on, engaging, exploratory, and inquiry-based. This curriculum was developed using the required state standards within each content area and is designed to help students explore and learn about the world through observation, investigation, and communication. Students will engage in scientific and engineering practices and will design solutions to real-world problems. In grades K-4, we have created a curriculum that integrates Science and Social Studies standards, along with local story lines. In grade 5, the Science curriculum is a year-long study of general Science content and the Social Studies curriculum surveys the history of the United States.

Social Studies at Mora ES

Here at Mora Elementary School we focus on expanding the social knowledge of our students. Some of the ways we do this is by focusing on Veteran’s Day. We have all our students and faculty submit pictures and information about their family members who are Veterans, so we can recognize them and students can gain a stronger appreciation for these service members.  As a campus we host a Veteran’s Day Ceremony to recognize all service members past and present. This has been a tradition at Mora Elementary that our community loves!

We also focus on different ethnicity groups and acknowledge them through interactive bulletin boards for Holocaust Remembrance Week, Black History Month, Latino Hispanic Heritage Month, and Women’s History Month. We want our students to have a good understanding of all cultures to assist them with assimilating into our diverse society.

At Mora we know that Social Studies matters and we work hard to develop lessons in the classroom to ensure it is being implemented daily.

Science at Mora ES

The primary goal of the science program is to increase the scientific literacy of our children. Improved decision-making concerning technological matters such as the environment, health, and consumerism is based on valid scientific knowledge. Science is a way of learning about the natural and social world. It is important for students to know and understand how science has built a vast body of changing and increasing knowledge described by physical, mathematical, and conceptual models. The Northside Independent School District Science Program embraces the standards of problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication.

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