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In Northside, our concept-based curriculum for Science and Social Studies is interactive, hands-on, engaging, exploratory, and inquiry-based. This curriculum was developed using the required state standards within each content area and is designed to help students explore and learn about the world through observation, investigation, and communication. Students will engage in scientific and engineering practices and will design solutions to real-world problems. In grades K-4, we have created a curriculum that integrates Science and Social Studies standards, along with local story lines. In grade 5, the Science curriculum is a year-long study of general Science content and the Social Studies curriculum surveys the history of the United States.


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Science at Murnin ES

At Murnin Elementary, we support the transformation of the learning experience for all students. We strive to ensure that every day, all students grow in confidence, curiosity, and capability. The elementary science curriculum in NISD aligns to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the state standards.  Science instruction begins in kindergarten and continues through grade five. The content from each year builds upon the previous. 

Through curriculum, instruction, and professional development, this department supports teachers and students in high-quality instruction that is research based and is integrated across the content areas. We understand that students need meaningful real-world experiences with hands-on investigations and various opportunities to reflect, in order to create life-long and successful learners. Teachers work diligently to create these experiences and connections for students as they journey through the process of understanding our natural world. Students and their teacher(s) regularly visit the science lab with our science specialist, where they are engaged in problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication. 

In addition to high-quality instruction throughout the school day, students are given opportunities to enrich their learning in our after school science programs. These programs currently include those listed below and more information regarding each one can be found under the “Extracurriculars” tab…

  • Project  A.C.O.R.N
  • FLL Robotics
  • Flight Club
  • Cardboard Arcade
  • STEM Sisters
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