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Fine Arts


Cyr, Mariselda (Band Director)

Cortes, Michael (Asst. Band Director)

   Feel the power of the mighty Patriot Band! The Rawlinson Middle School Band is one of the largest organizations on campus. Our band has been awarded numerous awards of distinction for the incredible amount of work they do. To see what's going on with your fellow musicians, please visit The Rawlinson Band website for more information. You will also find more resources on the band website that might be helpful.



Alvarado, Vanessa (Director)

    Sing your voices out with our amazing choir students! They are award winning 1st Division recipients in the University Interscholastic League (UIL). The choral group has also been requested to sing at the San Antonio Spurs and Missions games. Who knows what will come in the future. Stay tuned to what these vocalists can do.


Renker, Sophie (Director)

   Cello! Here at Rawlinson Middle School we have 4 Orchestras that perform many concerts throughout the year: Beginner Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra, Advanced Symphony Orchestra and Advanced Chamber Orchestra! From plucking the strings to performing with our bows, RMS Orchestras perform many styles of music such as classical, fiddle, holiday tunes and pop-rock! Join Orchestra to have fun learning how to play an instrument, how to perform as an orchestra team and as a soloist! Our students do a fantastic job playing their instrument with a passion for music. Look out for any live performances that will be happening in the future.


Theatre Arts

Andrew Childers (Director)

   In Theatre Arts, students will explore their use of creative expression with a strong knowledge of theatrical elements. Studying the historical and cultural relevance of theater in the past and present. Our thespians collaborate to craft and shape their own theatrical works, as well as participate in various performance opportunities. Students will learn through doing by working in production roles in many school programs and competitions. See what our fellow Patriot Thespians are up to and support.



Abigail Jones (Director)

   Kick up high Patriots! The Star Dancers know how to put on a show. Our students love the art of dance and have proven it to the community. From learning drills to executing routines, they can do anything when putting their minds to it. Catch the Star Dancers performing at local Northside ISD football games, events and recitals. Come out and support our dancers as they kick to the moon.



   Unleash your creativity when taking Art at Rawlinson Middle School. Students learn the concepts of drawing painting, and everything involving a type of art. It's amazing to see how creative our fellow Patriots are, and how art is their super power. Now pick up a paintbrush, pencil and get to it!

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