Students receiving their Chromebooks during distribution



“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms:  it is about understanding.”

- William Paul Thurston  

    NISD MS Math Pathways



    6th Grade:

    • Miranda Gunn
    • Sydney Harvey
    • Regina Villafranca

    7th Grade:

    • Michelle Libby
    • Samuel Catlin
    • Carrie Summit

    8th Grade:

    • Simon Guajardo
    • Paola Kisel
    • Jessica Ley
    • Tracey Tanner
    • Brandon Tate



    Math 6 provides a foundation for on level students.
    Accelerated Math 6 extends and connects 6th grade TEKS to aligned 7th grade TEKS
    Math 7 builds on the 6th grade foundation for on level students
    Accelerated Pre-Algebra **students from Accelerated Math 6 connect components from 7th grade TEKS into the 8th grade curriculum; builds a foundation for Advanced MS Algebra I 
    Math Bridge I **students from Math 6 or Accelerated Math 6 integrates 7th and 8th grade curriculum; builds a foundation for Advanced MS Algebra I 
    Pre-Algebra 8 builds a foundation for Algebra for on level students
    Advanced MS Algebra I **students from Accelerated Pre- Algebra or Math Bridge I builds a foundation to solve problems using linear, quadratic and exponential functions

    Middle School Math District Grading Policy

    The district grading policy for middle school Math is as follows:

    40% Formative

    60% Summative

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