Rudder football team

NISD ESports Club / Competition Squad

Marcos Ozuna / Jessica Ley
Meeting Time/Location
Rm 202

NISD/Rudder Esports is a structured multiplayer video game experience designed to strengthen student rigor, creativity, and problem solving skills. Together we will foster healthy competition, develop teamwork between classmates, and enhance the educational experience for all students. There are two tiers of membership to the organization: eSports Club & Competition Squad.  

Everyone that participates will be a part of the Rudder eSports club. The club will participate in the Middle School eSports League through Generation eSports, competing against middle school students across the country. They will also practice, play against students on campus, and be invited to exhibition or scrimmage tournaments.  

The Competition Squad will participate with the club activities but additionally engage in Divisional Qualifier competition against other NISD MS eSports teams. The Competition Squad must meet all club standards and compete in a tryout process. If our Competition Squad qualifies they will be invited to participate in the Northside eSports Championship. There will be both a Fall (Dec. 10) and a Spring (Apr. 15) Championship series to reflect both the fall and spring seasons.  

Qualification for participation in the Club and the Competition Squad is based on academic, attendance, and behavior standards.

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