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Welcome to Maverick Art!

For Beginners we explore a wide variety of 2D and 3D art mediums with emphasis on Elements of Art. For our Intermediate and Advanced art classes we focus on Principles of Art. High School Art 1 is a beginning class that uses the Elements and Principles and prepares the students for Art 2 in High School. Studio Art is an advanced art high school class where artists can explore their creativity and master their skills.

More information on our AVID course coming soon! #TeamStraus

"If you can't figure out your PURPOSE, then figure out your PASSION. For your PASSION will lead you straight to your PURPOSE! "

Welcome all, right where you are supposed to be! Members of the Mav Choir are challenged with learning the "language of music" through song. In choir, you will be introduced to music literacy, learn musicianship, and gain an overall better understanding of how music influences the world around us. The world is our stage! Performances are held both on and off campus, and although we respect the traditions of concert singing, at times there will be some modern flare added to the show. Speaking for myself, my passion led me straight to my purpose... initiating the culture of excellence at Straus as the Choir Director. It is my sincere honor to collaborate with learners of all ages as they discover their voices. Choir is where your voice matters.

Public Business Services

This course is for 7th and 8th graders and is a lab and project based course that students will participate in experiences that model real world industries. The goal of this course is to create a foundation for success in high school, future studies, and careers in Business, Industry and Public Service. Career and Technical Education clusters addressed include Agriculture, Business/Finance, Culinary, Education, Fashion, Health, Science, and Marketing.


Principles of Human Services

This course is for 8th graders only and allows students an opportunity to earn high school credit. Students assess the relationship between health and wellness and personal and professional achievement. Students evaluate the effects of crisis, stress, on individuals and the family and recognize appropriate responses and management strategies. Students identify the basic needs of children as well as caregiver guidelines that promote safe and healthy child development. Students plan & create meals according to dietary guidelines. Students participate in lab experiences in education & training, cosmetology, fashion design, and interior design.

Join Yearbook/Journalism as a 7th or 8th grader to have fun learning how to create the Straus Middle School Yearbook, write news stories, take quality photos, edit photos, work with others, and more! Being a part of one of the most important jobs here at Jefferson requires motivation and dedication to capture the memories of middle school and create the yearbook for our students. 


What to expect:

  • Photography
  • Editing
  • Interviewing
  • Writing
  • Teamwork
  • Attend after and before school events


Any 7th or 8th grader can join yearbook/journalism. As an 8th grader, you can still join if you didn't join in 7th grade. 

Join if you have an interest in photography, journalism, editing, and teamwork.  


We end the year with a celebration for all of YOUR hard work! 

For more information please call: 210-398-2550

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More information on our Dance course coming soon! #TeamStraus

More information on our Orchestra course coming soon! #TeamStraus

More information on our STEM course coming soon! #TeamStraus

Beginning Theatre

Beginning Theatre is an introductory theatre course designed for the student to experience the basic elements of drama. No previous theatre or drama experience is required. Beginning acting and technical theatre techniques will be explored along with the basic skills needed to create a theatrical performance that will be performed for the public. 6-8th grade.


Intermediate Theatre

Intermediate Theatre is a more in-depth study of theatre where students continue to build upon skills learned in Beginning Theatre. Students are introduced to additional skills that are necessary to become a theatre artist. Dramatic structure, acting, and technical elements are expanded in both production and scene studies. Students will also perform a play for the public to demonstrate the skills learned in class. Prerequisite: Beginning Theatre. 7-8th grade.


Advanced Theatre

Advanced Theatre is an advanced theatre class that requires students to enhance skills learned in Beginning and Intermediate through analysis of theatrical concepts and practices. Students engage in research, creative thinking, problem solving, and improvisation that is transferred to collaborative production to which is performed for the public. Prerequisite: Intermediate Theatre. 8th grade.


The Straus Theatre Twitter handle is @StrausTheatre and the Instagram handle is @NISDStrausTheatre

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