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The Straus Social Studies Department will research and study several topics throughout time and place.  The most crucial part of our content at each level is processing skills, where students will learn to apply critical-thinking skills from a variety of sources.  These include the skills to: differentiate, analyze, organize, interpret, identify, evaluate, summarize, generalize, and compare and contrast.

6th Grade Social Studies (World Cultures)

Students will focus on people, places, and societies of the contemporary world. This includes geography, economics, history, government, citizenship, religion, culture, technology, science, and society.  

7th Grade Social Studies (Texas History)

Students will study from early times to the present.  This includes a full scope of Texas History. The focus in each era is on key individuals, events, and issues and their impact. Students will use primary and secondary sources to examine the rich and diverse cultural background of Texas as they identify the different racial and ethnic groups that settled in Texas to build a republic and then a state.

8th Grade Social Studies (U.S History of the United States)

Students will study from the early Colonial period through Reconstruction. This includes learning about people, places, and events from the 1600's to the late 1800's.  This is a state tested subject and will cover the following units: Colonization, American Revolution, Constitution, Early Republic, Jackson, Industrial Revolution, Reform, Westward Expansion, Civil War and Reconstruction.

Students in all grade levels will also improve processing skills through continued reading, writing, inquiry, and collaboration.  We incorporate technology, hands-on activities and interactive notebooks for enhanced learning. Project based learning will be promoted for Advanced Courses.  

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