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Schoology will provide you a one stop shop for viewing your student's assignments, communication with their teachers, and much more.  As a parent, you have access to view everything your student has been assigned as well as the resources needed to complete the assignment.  You will also see the feedback and assignment grades provided by the teacher.  Schoology also gives you the ability to access all messages and communication from the school.  

Schoology offers parents many options to view classwork, grades, and upcoming assignments.  You can also check attendance, look for overdue assignments, and communicate with your student's teachers.


Parent Resources

How do I create a parent account in Schoology?

Directions on how to create an account can be found on the Schoology Help Site. Please use the links below to access the directions.


My email isn’t working when I try to create a Schoology Account. What can I do?

If you have previously created a parent account in Schoology before August 18, unfortunately you will not be able to use that email to access NISD Schoology. A work around for that is to create a new email address. Use the click sheet below if you need assistance creating a new email account. Northside ISD will not be able to assist parents with forgotten passwords for personal email accounts.

Now that I have a parent account, how can I use it?

Having a parent account is like having two accounts. You will have access to your account and have the ability to view your child’s account. Please use the guides  below to learn how to navigate and use your parent account efficiently. 


I have more than one child, can I use one email account for all my children?

If you have more than one child, you can add more children to your account using each child's unique parent access code.  Directions for adding additional children to your account can be found with the links below.  


Welcome to Schoology for parents

What is parent communication like in Schoology?

Student Resources

Steps for a successful first day for elementary students

A video walk-through of how to access Schoology for the first day of instruction


Elementary Schoology Student View


La Vista de Schoology para Estudiantes en Primaria

Steps for successful first day for middle & high school students

A video walk-through of how to access Schoology for the first day of instruction


Secondary Schoology Student View


Là vista de Schoology para estudiantes de secundaria

How will your child access Schoology?

Students will log into Schoology through the NISD portal with the sNumber and password. 

If you and your child do not know the sNumber and password, you can:

  • Log into HAC to locate your child’s information
  • Call campus secretaries to help you set up a HAC account

How is the student experience different from the parents?

What does Schoology look like for a PreK  student in Northside?

Un video tutorial rápido para empezar a usar Schoology en NISD

What does Schoology look like for a Kinder and 1st Grade students in Northside?

Schoology K1 NISD en Español

My child can not access Google files in Schoology because I am signed into the browser. How can my child complete their classwork if he continues to display request access?

In the Chrome browser be sure to add your child’s Northside email address as a user for the device. Any time the child is working on Schoology or Northside Assignments they can toggle to their profile.

Google account sign in change

Schoology FAQ

Schoology & Google Troubleshooting Guide

Tips to use Schoology, G Suite Apps, and a Northside iPad

If you need help setting up your child’s iPad for success in Schoology, please watch the video below.

Organize Schoology Courses

If your child needs help organizing the course tiles in Schoology, please watch the video below.

My child does not see the Schoology tile in his/her portal?

Northside syncs data every day, if you have just enrolled in Northside please wait 24 hours and check back. For additional assistance, please call the student hotline. 210-397-0020

My child sees the Schoology icon but can not log in, what do I do?

Please contact your child's campus. More than likely their schedule needs to be created so that you child can access their courses.

My child's schedule isn't accurate, how can I get this fixed?

Please contact your child's campus. More than likely their schedule needs to be created so that you child can access their courses.

Getting started with G Suite

Use the following guides and videos to help your child complete assignments in G Suite. Teachers will assign work in Schoology that will be completed using a G Suite tool. These guides may provide tips and tricks to help your child complete the assignments.

Chromebook Basics



G Suite Basics



iPads Video Basics



I am having trouble opening documents the teacher shared with my child on my personal device.

In the Chrome browser be sure to add your child’s Northside email address as a user for the device. Any time the child is working on Schoology or Northside Assignments they can toggle to their profile.

Google account sign in change

Getting started in virtual learning

Northside ISD is committed to assisting our parents and students learn while in virtual or in person learning environments. To support students and families the district has prepared instructional resources to help your child working on a Northside Device. 

Please contact your child's campus if they are in need of a mobile device or assistance with internet access in order to complete distance learning.

If your child has a Northside devices that is no longer working please contact the Student Hotline:

Toll Free Number: 1- 877-768-4630
Chat Feature:
8 AM to 9 PM Monday through Thursday
8 AM to 7 PM Friday
10 AM to 2 PM Saturday
2 PM to 6 PM Sunday

Student Log In Information

How does my student log in?

Student logins

Where can I find my child's sNumber & password?

If your student needs help with their NISD username and/or password:

Begin by asking your child if they know their lunch/library number. This is their S-number. If your child does not know their lunch/library number, then the Home Access Center (HAC) is the next easiest way to find your student's S-Number/Password (found under the “Registration” tab). Log in to Home Access Center (HAC) with your HAC registered email and password. Once you are logged in, and are on the Home screen, click Registration to locate your student’s S-Number/Password.

For assistance obtaining your student's S-number/Password, contact your child’s campus or the NISD Technology Help Desk at (210) 397-0020.

Student login information can also be obtained in the following places:
Calling the student's campus. The front office staff is able to search for, as well as confirm, student login credentials.
The student's teacher. Teachers are able to access student passwords through their gradebook.
Note: All NISD Student Portal usernames and passwords require lowercase characters

What if I do not have a Home Access Center (HAC) account?

If you do not have a HAC account and would like to create one, please complete this online form and NISD staff will respond as quickly as possible to the email address you provide.

If you have forgotten your user name or password to HAC please click Forgot My User Name or Password for assistance. You will need to know the email that you have on file and be able to complete security questions correctly. After you answer your security questions you will receive an email to reset your password.

What is my student's Northside email address?

To view your students email address, login in the NISD Portal using your students sNumber and Password found in the Home Access Center (HAC). 

When in the student’s NISD portal, click the icon for Gmail. In the top right corner, hover over the icon with your students first initial or image to see their full email address.

My child’s mynisd account is disabled, what do I do?

Please contact your students school to verify the status of your students AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). If the status is ""No"", your student's account will be disabled. If you would like to change the status of your students AUP, please inform the Attendance Secretary at your students campus.

If your students, AUP is verified as ""Yes"" and the account is still disabled, please contact the NISD Student Hotline.

My student can't log into iStation on his/her Chromebook

Please use the following video to assist your child in changing the domain:

Where can I access materials for distance learning?

The Distance Learning Plan is provided for NISD students and families to access instructional materials from home via the MyNISD Portal. Students and staff have access to the portal, by using their student's NISD username and password (S-number/Password)—not the Home Access Center (HAC) password.

Once logged into the MyNISD Portal, look for the "Access Distance Learning" icon. Once you click on the "Access Distance Learning" icon you may need to respond to one or two login verification screens before the list of distance learning items is displayed.

Northside Devices

What if I do not have a computer and/or internet connection at home?

Northside ISD has developed a device request process to assist District students who do not have access to electronic devices and/or the internet at home.

Request forms are posted on each campus website's announcement section.

(Device requests cannot be submitted in HAC.)

How do I add Wifi to a Northside device?

WiFi & your device

My charger for my child's Northside device isn't working. What can I do?

Please call the campus and ask if they have a charger. The district is working on securing more chargers for Northside families. 

You may also get in touch with the NISD Student Hotline.

My child can not log on to their laptop, it states “There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.” What can we do?

Laptops need to be signed on the district network for the first time. Please drive to a campus parking lot to log into the device. 

If the problem persists please contact the student hotline, 210-397-0020.


Wifi & your device

Our district mifi device is not connecting/not working, what can I do?

Please contact the student hotline.


What is Northside doing to ensure my student is safe?

What can I do to keep my child safe?

How can my child prepare for a Zoom meeting?

- Join a session a few minutes early to test your audio and video connections. 

- If you are using the app, make sure you have the latest version installed (Click on your profile > Check for updates)

- If possible, use a headset (or earbuds) instead of speakers and a microphone, speakers and a microphone generate too much static for others.

- Mute your audio unless you are speaking to prevent unintentional background noise from disrupting the conversation.


Where do I find all the Zoom meeting links?

The Zoom links should be posted in your student's Schoology course(s). If you are unable to locate the link, please contact your student's teacher.

How does my child get into zoom?

Zoom meetings can be accessed by clicking the Zoom link provided by your student's teacher. If joining from a mobile device like a tablet, phone, or iPad, the Zoom app must be installed on the device. If joining on a chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer, the zoom meeting can be conducted on the installed Zoom application or via a web browser. If you are joining without the link, you will be prompted to enter the meeting ID and password when attempting to join the Zoom meeting.

My child joined a meeting but the host wasn’t ready. What happened?

Students should be in a virtual waiting room until the teacher has started the meeting. If your student has joined a meeting without the teacher present, please contact your student's teacher.

We can’t access zoom until it is updated and the iPad won’t let me update it.

First try deleting the application and restarting the iPad. Once it's restarted, the application should start downloading automatically. If you do not see results within an hour, please contact the NISD student hotline.