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Schoology will provide you a one stop shop for viewing your student's assignments, communication with their teachers, and much more.  As a parent, you have access to view everything your student has been assigned as well as the resources needed to complete the assignment.  You will also see the feedback and assignment grades provided by the teacher.  Schoology also gives you the ability to access all messages and communication from the school.  

You might be asking,”When can I get access?”
We cannot thank you enough for the support you are providing your students as we all learn more in Schoology.  Now that student and teacher accounts are up and running, we want to provide you with information about your parent account.  Please check your student's NISD email account on September 18th.  You will receive an email with your student's Schoology Access Code and instructions for creating a parent account.  If you are not able to access the email, you can reach out to your child's teacher for the access code after September 18th.  

Schoology offers parents many options to view classwork, grades, and upcoming assignments.  You can also check attendance, look for overdue assignments, and communicate with your student's teachers.


Parent Resources

How do I create a parent account in Schoology?

Directions on how to create an account can be found on the Schoology Help Site. Please use the links below to access the directions.


My email isn’t working, what can I do?

If you have previously created a parent account in Schoology before August 18, unfortunately you will not be able to use that email to access NISD Schoology. A work around for that is to create a new email address. Use the click sheet below if you need assistance creating a new email account. Northside ISD will not be able to assist parents with forgotten passwords for personal email accounts.

How do I use my parent account?

Having a parent account is like having two accounts. You will have access to your account and have the ability to view your child’s account. Please use the guides  below to learn how to navigate and use your parent account efficiently. 


I have more than one child, can I use one email account?

If you have more than one child, you can add more children to your account using each child's unique parent access code.  Directions for adding additional children to your account can be found with the links below.  


Schoology and Google Drive will not sync, what can my child do?

Troubleshooting Google & Schoology for Parents and Students

Here are a few troubleshooting pointers to help with the issues you may be having with Google and Schoology.

  1. Ensure that the student device is logged out of any personal accounts (including parent or sibling accounts), and only signed into their NISD Gmail account. Once you are completely logged out of all email accounts, then close and relaunch Chrome, only log in at ​​.

    Students must use their full NISD email address to log in.
    Student example:​
    (Please keep in mind that some student email addresses may include numbers for common names)
  2. Students who are using a chromebook, laptop or desktop should be sure they have ​connected their Google Drive Resources App​ inside of Schoology before they try to open a Google Assignment. This ​video​ will provide the same information for iOS devices.
  3. When students open a Google Drive Assignment, they are sent into the Assignment tab. Here they will find instructions for the assignment. Students will need to click on the My Document tab at the top and then make sure they are signed in to Google on this page to see their Google Assignment. (See image below). Here are videos on how this looks in a ​Chrome Browser​ or ​iOS/Apple mobile device.