Weekly District COVID-19 Report

Active positive cases 4/18/2022 - 4/24/2022

  • Campus staff: 20
  • Non-campus staff: 3
  • Students: 61

Health forms available here.

Shots Info

Northside ISD continues to enforce its “No Shots, No School” policy. Texas law requires all public school children have current immunizations in order to attend class. 

Metro Health Immunization Program

The mission of the Metro Health Immunization Program is to prevent and control transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases in persons of all ages, with emphasis on individuals at highest risk for under-immunization.

A word from the nurse

The school nurse administers first aid only. She/He does not diagnose illnesses, but takes note of symptoms and notifies the parent/guardian of her/his observations. We ask that children be kept at home when ill and have a normal temperature for 24-36 hours after any illness before returning to school. This is important for the health of the child and for the health of all children at the school. 

Illness at School

If upon nursing assessment a child is determined to be ill and/or possibly contagious to others, or is injured at school and needs further evaluation or treatment, he/she will be given first aid and the parent/guardian notified. In no case will a child be sent home until the parent/guardian or the person indicated by the parent/guardian has been contacted and arrangements made. Every effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian first. If the parent/guardian is unable to come for the child, arrangements must be made for his/her care by the parent/guardian. In an extreme emergency EMS or an ambulance designated by a parent/guardian will be called. 

Absence due to illness

The nurse has the responsibility if she suspects a contagious health condition to request that the child be picked up by the parent or guardian and examined by a physician for diagnosis and treatment. In the event of a contagious illness, please notify the school upon confirmation of diagnosis.


Please keep your emergency phone number updated for our information.


For the protection of all students, we have some very strict rules regarding medication to be given at school. 

  1. Parents are encouraged to schedule the administration of a student’s medication in such a manner that medication required at school is kept to a minimum.
  2. Antibiotic and other short-term prescription medication may be administered at school upon written request from the parent or guardian. Medication must be brought to school in the original prescription labeled bottle. Short term medication will be administered for a maximum of two weeks unless stated otherwise by a physician.
  3. Long-term medication may be given only if a special medication form is completed by the attending physician and the medication is brought in the properly labeled prescription bottle. Special medication forms may be obtained in the school clinic.
  4. The administration of non-prescription medication is normally not permitted, but may be authorized by the principal under either of the following conditions:
    • The medication is ordered in writing by the child’s physician, accompanied by a written request from the parent/guardian and brought in an un-opened, original manufacturer’s package.
    • The child is experiencing pain due to a surgical procedure, dental procedure, or injury. In such cases, pain relief medications such as Advil (Ibuprofen) or Tylenol (Acetaminophen) may be administered for up to three days if accompanied by a signed note from the physician, a written request from the parent/guardian, and is brought in an unopened, original manufacturer’s package. Any other non-prescription cannot be dispensed to, or carried by, a student at school - this includes cold medications, cough syrups, cough drops, throat lozenges, vitamins, and herbal remedies.
  5. All medication should be delivered to the clinic or to the school office by an adult. If this is not possible, and the medication is sent to school via the child, the parents must remember that they are responsible for the medication until the medication is delivered to a school district employee in the office. With the exception of NISD students having Asthma, Diabetes, or severe allergies that have active physician orders/guidelines on file, there will be no medications kept in the classroom, nor may any student self administer medication.
  6. There will be no exceptions to these rules. Physician signature is required. 

COVID-19 Dashboard

Data by campus is reported once a week and reflects active cases for the week prior. Campus data reflects total active cases of students and staff. The percentage indicates student cases as a portion of campus student enrollment.

Adams Hill ES
Enrollment: 475Cases: 0(0.0%)
Allen ES
Enrollment: 474Cases: 0(0.0%)
Aue ES
Enrollment: 628Cases: 3(0.3%)
Beard ES
Enrollment: 652Cases: 0(0.0%)
Behlau ES
Enrollment: 630Cases: 3(0.2%)
Blattman ES
Enrollment: 524Cases: 1(0.2%)
Boldt ES
Enrollment: 791Cases: 0(0.0%)
Boone ES
Enrollment: 508Cases: 1(0.2%)
Brauchle ES
Enrollment: 466Cases: 0(0.0%)
Braun Station ES
Enrollment: 436Cases: 2(0.0%)
Burke ES
Enrollment: 547Cases: 0(0.0%)
Cable ES
Enrollment: 474Cases: 1(0.0%)
Carlos Coon ES
Enrollment: 579Cases: 0(0.0%)
Carnahan ES
Enrollment: 462Cases: 1(0.2%)
Carson ES
Enrollment: 528Cases: 0(0.0%)
Cody ES
Enrollment: 532Cases: 0(0.0%)
Cole ES
Enrollment: 1201Cases: 1(0.1%)
Colonies North ES
Enrollment: 639Cases: 0(0.0%)
Driggers ES
Enrollment: 478Cases: 1(0.2%)
Ellison ES
Enrollment: 753Cases: 0(0.0%)
Elrod ES
Enrollment: 362Cases: 0(0.0%)
Esparza ES
Enrollment: 470Cases: 0(0.0%)
Evers ES
Enrollment: 628Cases: 0(0.0%)
Fernandez ES
Enrollment: 528Cases: 2(0.2%)
Fields ES
Enrollment: 850Cases: 0(0.0%)
Fisher ES
Enrollment: 619Cases: 0(0.0%)
Forester ES
Enrollment: 754Cases: 1(0.1%)
Franklin ES
Enrollment: 803Cases: 3(0.4%)
Galm ES
Enrollment: 440Cases: 2(0.5%)
Glass ES
Enrollment: 414Cases: 0(0.0%)
Glenn ES
Enrollment: 468Cases: 0(0.0%)
Glenoaks ES
Enrollment: 603Cases: 1(0.2%)
Hatchett ES
Enrollment: 623Cases: 0(0.0%)
Helotes ES
Enrollment: 349Cases: 0(0.0%)
Henderson ES
Enrollment: 900Cases: 0(0.0%)
Hoffmann ES
Enrollment: 849Cases: 0(0.0%)
Howsman ES
Enrollment: 711Cases: 1(0.0%)
Hull ES
Enrollment: 438Cases: 0(0.0%)
Kallison ES
Enrollment: 1134Cases: 2(0.1%)
Knowlton ES
Enrollment: 649Cases: 0(0.0%)
Krueger ES
Enrollment: 584Cases: 0(0.0%)
Kuentz ES
Enrollment: 562Cases: 1(0.0%)
Langley ES
Enrollment: 693Cases: 0(0.0%)
Leon Springs ES
Enrollment: 476Cases: 0(0.0%)
Leon Valley ES
Enrollment: 546Cases: 4(0.4%)
Lewis ES
Enrollment: 527Cases: 0(0.0%)
Lieck ES
Enrollment: 650Cases: 0(0.0%)
Linton ES
Enrollment: 483Cases: 0(0.0%)
Locke Hill ES
Enrollment: 496Cases: 1(0.0%)
Los Reyes ES
Enrollment: 570Cases: 0(0.0%)
Martin ES
Enrollment: 560Cases: 0(0.0%)
May ES
Enrollment: 455Cases: 0(0.0%)
McAndrew ES
Enrollment: 418Cases: 2(0.5%)
McDermott ES
Enrollment: 729Cases: 1(0.0%)
Mead ES
Enrollment: 772Cases: 0(0.0%)
Meadow Village ES
Enrollment: 454Cases: 0(0.0%)
Michael ES
Enrollment: 602Cases: 0(0.0%)
Mireles ES
Enrollment: 979Cases: 0(0.0%)
Mora ES
Enrollment: 601Cases: 0(0.0%)
Murnin ES
Enrollment: 755Cases: 0(0.0%)
Myers ES
Enrollment: 525Cases: 2(0.4%)
Nichols ES
Enrollment: 415Cases: 2(0.5%)
Northwest Crossing ES
Enrollment: 432Cases: 0(0.0%)
Oak Hills Terrace ES
Enrollment: 474Cases: 0(0.0%)
Ott ES
Enrollment: 575Cases: 0(0.0%)
Passmore ES
Enrollment: 402Cases: 0(0.0%)
Powell ES
Enrollment: 395Cases: 0(0.0%)
Raba ES
Enrollment: 604Cases: 0(0.0%)
Rhodes ES
Enrollment: 512Cases: 0(0.0%)
Scarborough ES
Enrollment: 851Cases: 1(0.1%)
Scobee ES
Enrollment: 540Cases: 0(0.0%)
Steubing ES
Enrollment: 472Cases: 0(0.0%)
Thornton ES
Enrollment: 570Cases: 0(0.0%)
Timberwilde ES
Enrollment: 560Cases: 2(0.4%)
Tomlinson ES
Enrollment: 634Cases: 0(0.0%)
Valley Hi ES
Enrollment: 301Cases: 1(0.0%)
Villarreal ES
Enrollment: 656Cases: 0(0.0%)
Wanke ES
Enrollment: 694Cases: 2(0.3%)
Ward ES
Enrollment: 773Cases: 1(0.1%)
Wernli ES
Enrollment: 685Cases: 0(0.0%)
Westwood Terrace ES
Enrollment: 452Cases: 0(0.0%)
Alternative MS
Enrollment: 140Cases: 0(0.0%)
Bernal MS
Enrollment: 1388Cases: 2(0.1%)
Briscoe MS
Enrollment: 1351Cases: 0(0.0%)
Connally MS
Enrollment: 792Cases: 2(0.3%)
Folks MS
Enrollment: 1327Cases: 2(0.2%)
Garcia MS
Enrollment: 1485Cases: 0(0.0%)
Hobby MS
Enrollment: 879Cases: 0(0.0%)
Jefferson MS
Enrollment: 1261Cases: 2(0.2%)
Jones MS
Enrollment: 1089Cases: 2(0.1%)
Jordan MS
Enrollment: 1096Cases: 1(0.1%)
Luna MS
Enrollment: 1249Cases: 2(0.2%)
Neff MS
Enrollment: 938Cases: 1(0.1%)
Pease MS
Enrollment: 871Cases: 0(0.0%)
Rawlinson MS
Enrollment: 1265Cases: 0(0.0%)
Rayburn MS
Enrollment: 805Cases: 0(0.0%)
Ross MS
Enrollment: 1030Cases: 0(0.0%)
Rudder MS
Enrollment: 963Cases: 0(0.0%)
Stevenson MS
Enrollment: 1105Cases: 0(0.0%)
Stinson MS
Enrollment: 1107Cases: 1(0.1%)
Straus MS
Enrollment: 987Cases: 0(0.0%)
Vale MS
Enrollment: 1124Cases: 0(0.0%)
Zachry MS
Enrollment: 942Cases: 1(0.1%)
Alternative HS
Enrollment: 188Cases: 0(0.0%)
Brandeis HS
Enrollment: 2784Cases: 3(0.0%)
Brennan HS
Enrollment: 2998Cases: 1(0.0%)
Clark HS
Enrollment: 2780Cases: 0(0.0%)
Harlan HS
Enrollment: 3538Cases: 3(0.1%)
Health Careers HS
Enrollment: 887Cases: 0(0.0%)
Holmes HS
Enrollment: 2479Cases: 0(0.0%)
Jay HS
Enrollment: 2238Cases: 3(0.1%)
Marshall HS
Enrollment: 2526Cases: 3(0.1%)
O'Connor HS
Enrollment: 2992Cases: 0(0.0%)
Stevens HS
Enrollment: 2716Cases: 2(0.1%)
Taft HS
Enrollment: 2611Cases: 0(0.0%)
Warren HS
Enrollment: 2687Cases: 4(0.1%)
Chavez Excel Academy
Enrollment: 60Cases: 0(0.0%)
Holmgreen Center
Enrollment: 30Cases: 0(0.0%)
Reddix Center
Enrollment: 262Cases: 0(0.0%)


Campus data provided above reflects information gathered at the time of reporting and may vary slightly from official state reporting.

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