After School Education

Northside School District’s After School Program(s) offer opportunities for children to access academic enrichment, social, and recreational experiences in an environment that is safe and supervised.  It is run by the Northside's Community Education Department.  This department aligns itself with The Texas Education Agency’s expectations, as well as NISD’s high standards of all staff, and maintains the rigor and expectations of our students throughout their day.

Enrichment activities are guided by Problem Based Learning principles.  Lessons adhere to the same standards teachers use, The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Students experience these skills through hands-on, interactive, and multi-sensory activities.  Thus, activities facilitate: problem-solving, creativity, intellectual curiosity, and flexibility.  Curriculum topics include: Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, College/ Workforce, and a special emphasis is placed on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  STEM activities also include statistics and data-driven decision  making, differentiated for each grade level.

There are also monthly events to provide engaging learning experiences as a  family unit, and offer information for parents in a variety of topics such as communication, parenting, and nutrition.

Top 5 Reasons to participate in Learning Tree After-School Care

1. Fun learning

2. Enrichment

3. Direct supervision

4. Community partners and resources

5. Northside excellence

Registration, Fee and Payment Information

Registration for children returning to in person instruction:

Is your child coming back to in-person learning? Need after school care? Be sure to register for the Learning Tree After-school Enrichment Program.

Parents and families with children returning to in-person instruction can register for Learning Tree by clicking on the Kids Care Center Parent Portal listed below. Tuition is $235 a month for elementary and $75 for middle school students. There is a $30 non refundable registration fee per child. Space is limited. The hours of operation are from school release to 6:30 pm. Reduced tuition available for families meeting the criteria. Registration for the 2020-2021 ends in mid April 2020.

21st Century Community Learning Centers-Texas After School Centers on Education (ACE):

The Texas ACE is a grant program administered by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers program in an effort to help foster student’s academic success by improving attendance, behavior, and academics. 

Northside ISD currently has 9 Learning Tree/Club LT sites funded through the Texas Education Agency (TEA) through 2020-2021.  The sites are:

  • Colonies North Elementary
  • Jones Middle School
  • Glen Oaks Elementary
  • Rayburn Middle School
  • McDermott Elementary
  • Ross Middle School
  • Valley Hi Elementary
  • Rudder Middle School
  • Westwood Terrace Elementary

City of San Antonio (COSA) After School Challenge Program Sites:

Northside ISD and the City of San Antonio currently fund 5 Learning Tree sites at:

  • Allen Elementary
  • Cable Elementary
  • Martin Elementary
  • Passmore Elementary
  • Powell Elementary

Northside ISD Learning Tree Tuition Based Sites:

Open Registration is temporarily suspended.   We are working toward providing all of our famlies an oppportunity to register for the 2020-2021 school year soon.   We thank you for your patience and understanding.   

  • Aue
  • Adams Hill
  • Beard
  • Behlau
  • Bernal MS
  • Blattman
  • Boldt
  • Boone
  • Brauchle
  • Braun Station
  • Briscoe MS
  • Burke
  • Carlos Coon
  • Carnahan
  • Carson
  • Cody
  • Cole
  • Connally MS
  • Driggers
  • Ellison
  • Elrod
  • Esparza
  • Evers
  • Fernandez
  • Fields
  • Fisher
  • Folks MS
  • Forester
  • Franklin
  • Galm
  • Garcia MS
  • Glass
  • Glenn
  • Hatchett
  • Helotes
  • Henderson
  • Hobby MS
  • Hoffman
  • Howsman
  • Jefferson MS
  • Jordan MS
  • Kallison
  • Knowlton
  • Krueger
  • Kuentz
  • Langley
  • Leon Springs
  • Leon Valley
  • Lewis
  • Lieck
  • Linton
  • Locke Hill
  • Los Reyes
  • Luna MS
  • McAndrew
  • Mary Hull
  • Mead
  • Meadow Village
  • Michael
  • Mireles
  • Monroe May
  • Mora
  • Murnin
  • Myers
  • Neff MS
  • Nichols
  • Northwest Crossing
  • Oak Hills Terrace
  • Ott
  • Pease MS
  • Raba
  • Rawlinson MS
  • Rhodes
  • Scarborough
  • Scobee
  • Steubing
  • Stevenson MS
  • Stinson MS
  • Thornton
  • Timberwilde
  • Vale MS
  • Villarreal
  • Wanke
  • Ward
  • Wernli
  • Zachry MS

Scholarship Information

Dr. Folks Scholarship Program 2020-2021

The Dr. John Folks Scholarship Program strives to make the Learning Tree Program accessible to as many students as possible.  The goals of the program are to provide a safe place for students to engage in productive activities during the after school hours, and to promote parental involvement in order to stress the importance of the parent role in their child's education. A limited number of tuition waivers are available.  In order to be considered for this scholarship, the following criterias must be met:

  1. Qualify for Financial Hardship (Household income must be within the limits of the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines).  Proof of income will need to be provided.
  2. Have a Child Care Need (working parents, custodial grandparents, foster parents, or parents attending school).
    • Proof of work employment and copy of work schedule will be required.
    • Proof of enrollment in school and copy of Fall or Spring schedule will be required if applicable.
    • Legal documents to support Foster Placement or guardianship of a child.
    • If you do not work due to a disability, you must provide copies of your Social Security and Supplemental Security Income or VA Disability)
  3. Require Child Care Need due Unemployment Status (If approved, you will receive a two month waiver to obtain employment, if you are unable to provide proof of employment after two weeks, you will be placed on our reduced rate program).
    • Must provide proof of unemployment benefits
    • Provide letter of separation from previous employer/ Proof of previous employment.
Dates Announcement Date Scholarship Effective
Oct. 19th - Nov. 13th 3-5 business days upon receipt November
Nov. 14th – Dec. 11th 3-5 business days upon receipt December
Dec. 12th – Jan. 8th 3-5 business days upon receipt January

*Please allow us 3-5 business days to review and submit our recommendation to the Dr. Folks Scholarship Committee.  You will be notified if you have been selected, not selected, or recommended for reduced rate during that time frame.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learning Tree?

The purpose of the Learning Tree program is to offer opportunities for children to access academic, enrichment, social and recreational experiences in an after-school environment that is safe and supervised.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about Learning Tree?

Each campus has its own After School Program Specialist, a professional who oversees all aspects of the program. Tuition-based programs also have Site Leaders (on-site managers.)  For assigned program specialist, please visit our Contact Us link located on the right hand side bar menu.  

What kinds of things will my child do in Learning Tree?

Learning Tree uses a curriculum written by MindWorks Resources whose diverse teams of experts specialize in language development, literacy, and learning styles in children. The curriculum focuses on hands-on, interactive, educational material that engages students in multi-sensory learning experiences. Curriculum topics include Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, or College/Workforce Readiness. In addition students participate in curriculums covering college and workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, art, and character development.

Who provides my child their afternoon snack and what snacks are provided?

All of our snacks that fall under our regular school day calendar are provided by the NISD Child Nutrion Department.  We make a strong attempt to provide a healty snack each day.  To view our snack schedule for 2020-2021, please download our NISD After School Snack Menu/Schedule.

Will Learning Tree staff check my child’s homework to ensure it is correct?

While our staff will ensure a quiet period in which to do homework, and will assist if possible, it is each parent's responsibility to ensure homework is completed and correct when the child arrives at home.

Why is it free at my school?

NISD is the current recipient of a Texas Afterschool Centers on Education™ (ACE) grant, administered by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and funded by the 21st CCLC Program administered by the US Department of Education. The ACE Learning Tree program provides a structured, safe, and supervised place for learning and social interaction. The program connects the after school hours to the school day by expanding learning and enrichment activities that can improve student achievement. The goals also include: to improve attendance, behavior, promotion rates, graduation rates, and preparation for college or the workforce for students of working parents or full-time students.  The grant provides funding so that working parents are not charged for this program.

Why isn't there a free Learning Tree program at all schools?

This is a very competitive grant, and only certain schools qualify, so not all schools in NISD will have a free ACE Learning Tree program. Sites which are not funded by ACE are still called Learning Tree, but these other sites are regular tuition sites or sites that are sponsored by other grants and funding sources.

What documentation is necessary to verify parents are employed or going to school?

For grant funded sites and possible scholarship applicants, we require two months worth of payroll stubs and/or college class schedule that shows the parents name.

Why are there rules about attendance and early/late pickup times at ACE Learning Tree Sites?

ACE Learning Tree is not a daycare or "drop in" program. To make best use of our grant funds, as well as to meet student attendance and data requirements, we ask that parents allow their child to attend the program consistently and for the entire program time. Parents who accumulate 3 early or late pickup or 3 absences per semester, may have their child withdrawn from Learning Tree.

What about times when my child is sick and did not attend school, or my child has an appointment?

A child, who accumulates 3 unexcused absences per semester in ACE Learning Tree, may be withdrawn from the program. Being absent from school is excused, and will be verified with the attendance secretary. 

As a parent, am I expected to participate in the ACE Learning Tree?

Yes! In order to meet additional grant requirements of parent participation, parents must attend our monthly events. These events will be held once each month and cover various series and topics of interest. All parents will be surveyed at various times during the year to determine interest on learning topics. A monthly newsletter will be sent home letting you know about upcoming events.

Is bus transportation available for my child at ACE Learning Tree sites?

Yes, transportation is provided at all grant sites.  
Contact information

For general information about Learning Tree, please call 210-397-8102.

For questions about tuition and payments, please call 210-397-8108.

Our mailing address is:
NISD Learning Tree
c/o Adult & Community Education
6632 Bandera Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78238