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Northside Libraries are the heart of each school community, creating meaningful and diverse learning opportunities, nurturing in our students a love for reading and learning, and developing in them the skills necessary to fully participate in society.

Our libraries purchase and maintain a current, relevant, and diverse collection of over two million print and digital materials for both study and pleasure.


80 Elementary School Libraries

20 Middle School Libraries

12 High School Libraries

2 Professional Libraries

Northside ISD has a total of 112 campus libraries and 2 professional libraries located at NAC and NLC.

All NISD libraries are staffed by professional, certified librarians. High school libraries also have a paraprofessional library assistant.

Studies consistently find positive relationships between having access to full-time, qualified school librarians and student performance.

Recently, all Northside libraries enjoyed a range of improvements: from major renovations to redecorating. This ensures every student an updated, enjoyable and flexible learning space.

Please visit our photo gallery for more images of our newly renovated libraries

Research and Study resources available 24/7
Research and Study resources available 24/7

NISD Library Services maintains subscriptions to a large collection of digital websites and resources to help your child access reliable and organized information in which to research or study. Your child can access this great collection on our NISD SSO portal

Digital Citizenship and Life Online
Digital Citizenship and Life Online

On our Library Services website on the NISD SSO portal we have an extensive variety of resources, games, and lessons to help students, parents and educators be better informed and obtain the skills to be smart and safe online. We offer parents resources and activities including reviews of the popular apps, movies, and shows our kids are using and watching.  We have materials in Spanish as well as English. You and your child can access these on our NISD SSO portal

Parent and Family Resources
Parent and Family Resources

As well as great Digital Citizenship resources we offer parents and entire families books and resources on wellness and social emotional learning.  We offer a collection of online makerspaces as well as an extensive collection of summer enrichment activities and resources for students of all ages.  You and your child can access these on our NISD SSO portal


Library & Textbook Services

Teresa Montemayor  

Director’s Assistant 397-8190
Lisa Kulka Director 397-8186




Library Services

Jennifer Eckert 


Elizabeth Rush 


Zinnia Bayardo 


Susan Marron 

Dianne Sparks  397-8189

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