Sister Educators:A Twin Legacy

Sister Educators:A Twin Legacy

Lisa and Lori King had always been inseparable. Born just minutes apart, they shared everything from toys to dreams. Their love of learning would lead them down parallel paths.

Growing up, they both thought they might want to become pediatricians but life would lead them down a slightly different path, however; their career would still involve children.  

Born in San Antonio, their father’s job would move them to Maryland and Pennsylvania before moving back to San Antonio and graduating from Marshall High School, where they were standout basketball stars. 

After attending Vanderbilt University on a basketball scholarship, they both received a bachelor’s degree in Human Development. Upon graduation and back in San Antonio, they were at a bit of a loss as to what to do next when their former high school basketball Coach Steve White suggested they come to Northside ISD to coach. 

“We weren’t certified to teach, but at that time, the district let us work and get certified at the same time,” they explained. 

“Our grandfather, who was an educator, told us to try it for a year and see how we like it,” Lori said. “And well, we must have liked it because we are still here and going strong.”

For 31 years, Lisa and Lori  have dedicated their lives to their students, each cultivating a reputation for being kind, insightful, and innovative teachers. 

They both found their home at the middle school level. Lori is a collaborative math teacher at Rayburn Middle School and Lisa is a seventh-grade science teacher at Luna Middle School.  

Despite their different disciplines, the sisters’ teaching philosophies are remarkably similar. Both believe in fostering a love for learning, encouraging critical thinking, and most importantly, nurturing each student’s potential. They share stories of their days when they go home at night, exchanging ideas and solutions to challenges they face. 

As the classroom door is about to close on their 31st year, they will be back for next year continuing to share a love of teaching and touching the hearts of many more students.