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CAST Teach High School

Transforming Education. Transforming Our Community

What we do

CAST Teach High School opened in August of 2022 on the campus of Stevens High School and is San Antonio’s first school dedicated to careers in education. CAST Teach is created in partnership with Northside ISD, the CAST Schools Network, and the University of Texas at San Antonio’s College of Education and Human Development.

With the support of all three organizations, the school will rally multiple industries to create future educators that will transform our community. The school will work alongside students and families to identify and nurture their passions, while providing them with key skills relevant to careers in education, such as: teaching, counseling, library studies, and coaching.

CTE Pathways

  • Early Learning - This pathway is for students interested in teaching grades PK-2nd.
  • Teaching and Training - This pathway is for students interested in the following:
    • Elementary Teacher (Grades 3rd-5th)
    • Middle School or High School Teacher (Any content area)
    • Elective or CTE Teacher (i.e. Athletics, Art, Band, CTE, Dance)
    • Specialized Careers in Education (e.g. Counseling, Library Studies, School Psychology)

Dual Credit at the University of Texas San Antonio

All students will have access to earn transferable college credits to include Dual Credit Courses at the University of Texas at San Antonio during the school day. Transportation will be provided from CAST Teach for students attending courses at the University.

This opportunity allows students to:

  • Gain first-hand experience with college-level work during high school
  • Transition more smoothly between high school and college
  • Transfer credits earned in high school to Texas public colleges and universities
  • Complete a postsecondary degree faster
  • Elevate their resume in the workforce
  • Minimize the cost of college

Field Experiences:

  • 9th/10th:
    • Broad Experience within Classrooms at all levels
    • Exposure to Specialty Careers in Education, including careers in Training and Development within businesses and corporations
  • 11th/12th:
    • Field Experiences Tailored to the students’ area of interest
    • Move beyond observation and practice to leading (e.g. Small group instruction, Co-Teaching, and Shadowing).


Co-create learning experiences within and beyond the classroom in order to maximize options for students and prepare them for future careers in education.



CAST Teach

600 N Ellison Dr, San Antonio TX, 78251
Phone: 210-398-2850
School Hours: 9:00 am - 4:20 pm
Principal: Ericka Olivarez

"In Northside, safety is always one of our top priorities."

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