Dual Credit

Dual Credit

Northside ISD is partnered with the Alamo Colleges Dual Credit Program which allows eligible high school students to earn college credit for certain high school courses in which they are currently enrolled while completing their high school requirements. In order for students to participate in the program, the high schools must be approved to offer dual credit courses. Dual Credit is different from AP credit.

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit at Northwest Vista

Dual credit classes are classes that you take in high school that also give you college credits in the state of Texas at the same time. This is a great opportunity for you because the dual credit program is completely free of charge! You could graduate from high school with up to 42 hours of college credit before even stepping onto a college campus! (That's over an entire year already completed)!

How do I get into Dual Credit?

In order to be eligible for Dual Credit courses, students must go through the application process, meeting ALL deadlines and requirements. The details and timelines are laid out by each high school campus and it usually begins in November each school year. To clarify, in order to take Dual classes in their Junior year, a student must begin the application process during their Sophomore year. The application opens up by November annually with the Apply Texas Application. (Apply Texas is the first step in the process). Please know that it is a lengthy process with multiple due dates. Northwest Vista College offers no exceptions for students that do not meet all deadlines. For more information please visit your campus dual credit website or reach out to your campus HS Dual Credit Liaison. 

How does Dual Credit work?

  • DC courses are designed off a college curriculum and taught by high school teachers approved and hired as adjunct college instructors. Students take all of their dual credit courses at their home high school campus.
  • Students earn one grade for the course. The grade earned in the high school course is the grade that appears on the college transcript. 

What are the advantages of Dual Credit?

  1. It saves money! Students can earn up to fourteen courses of college credit at no cost. It reduces the cost of tuition and textbooks resulting in thousands of dollars in savings.
  2. It gets many prerequisites out of the way.
  3. Students take on the responsibilities of being a college student, potentially easing the transition from high school to college.

Who should take Dual Credit?

  • The Dual Credit Program is designed for high school students seeking to get a jump on their college careers.
  • Students who have test scores that indicate they are ready to enter the program and who feel comfortable doing college level work should consider Dual Credit.
  • Students are allowed to take up to 15 college hours per semester of Dual courses.
  • Students can take up to 14 total courses in High School for Dual Credit (Some classes count as two courses)

How is Dual Credit different from AP?

  • In Dual Credit Classes, college credit is earned upon completion of the class with a grade of "C" or higher (no additional test)
  • In an Advance Placement (AP) class, college credit is not earned until a student takes and achieves a certain score on an AP test.
  • AP Credit is not automatically transmitted on the college transcript: students must follow through with the admission procedure to have the credit posted on the college transcript.
  • An AP course grade does not appear on a student's permanent college transcript.
  • Dual Credit courses generally transfer to most Texas Public Universities (always check with the school, you want to attend about transfer credits)
  • AP Scores are accepted at most colleges and universities across the Nation (qualifying scores may differ)

Benefits of Dual Credit

  • Dual Credit increases the likelihood that a student will complete high school and enroll to continue their college education.
  • Decreases the cost of tuition and fees for students in completing their academic degrees
  • New graduates enter the workforce at an accelerated rate and begin to earn wages, benefiting themselves and making positive contributions to our economy
  • Students can earn credit for up to 14 college courses before graduating from high school.  (That would be 7 high school courses or 14 college semester courses.)  
  • Increases a student's self-confidence!
  • Access to college campus resources
  • Tuition is waived for ISDs - students earn college credit without college tuition fees

NISD offers many Dual Credit opportunities for students to earn college credit.

Northwest Vista College’s Dual Credit Program allows eligible high school students to earn college credit for certain high school courses in which they are currently enrolled while completing their high school requirements.

In order to participate in the Dual Credit Program, students must apply through the GoApplyTexas.org website and also take the TSI and receive the required scores to be enrolled in classes. The deadlines for GoApplyTexas and the TSI exams are given out by the home campus and are aligned with those of Alamo Colleges for all incoming students.  Students in dual credit earn both high school and college credits simultaneously.. Students may accrue from three to thirty hours of college credit depending on the courses they take during their high school career. 

Dual credit courses taught on NISD campuses are offered in partnership with the colleges listed below and are tuition free.

NORTHWEST VISTA COLLEGE (all academic dual credit courses)




Students may take the following dual credit courses on their high school campus. These courses vary by individual campuses and may be offered concurrently as Advanced Placement and Dual Credit.

English Language Arts

*English III

*English IV




*Environmental Science


Social Studies

*U.S. History

*U.S. Government and Politics






*AP Calculus AB and BC

*AP Statistics

*College Algebra

*Adv. Quantitative Reasoning


World Languages

*Advanced Spanish 3 Dual


Fine Arts

*Art Appreciation


Career & Technical Education^

*Computer Science 2 AP/DC

*Computer Science 3 H/DC

*Digital Media

*Advanced Audio Video Production

*Business Management

*Child Guidance

*Culinary Arts

*Wildlife Fisheries and Ecology Mgt.

*Advanced Plant and Soil Science

*Floral Design

*Medical Terminology


Career & Technical Education^

*Construction Technology I

*Construction Technology II

*Construction Management I

*Construction Management II

*Electrical Technology I

*Electrical Technology II

*Plumbing Technology I

*Plumbing Technology II

*Principles of Architecture

*Principles of Construction

*Anatomy & Physiology



For more information on the CTE Dual Credit classes and Alamo Academies, please see the NISD Career & Technical Education Website

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