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Each elementary campus has a full time GT Specialist who is responsible for the services listed below, while also managing the GT referral, screening, and testing process.

Pullout Services

Gifted students in grades 1-5 attend classes weekly with the campus GT Specialist where they participate in activities that promote creative and independent thinking. These small groups focus on interdisciplinary, process-centered learning opportunities that are embedded in a specially designed curriculum that meets the requirements of the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students. 

Kindergarten students in NISD are screened for GT testing during the Fall semester. Students who meet screener criteria will continue with formal GT testing in January. Identified Kindergarten students begin attending weekly classes in March with the campus GT Specialist. 

Gifted & Talented Video Spotlights

NISD Amazing Race

Many NISD Gifted and Talented elementary students had a special learning day in downtown San Antonio. They participated in an Amazing Race, finding clues at historic sites like City Hall and the Courthouse. This fun event promoted teamwork and problem solving, all while learning about architecture and history.  The experience was designed by our GT Specialists from across the district and allowed for all elementary schools to participate in a district-run field trip, ensuring equity and access for all. The student's happiness and excitement made it all worthwhile.

GT Highlights Villarreal ES

The NISD Gifted and Talented (GT) program at Villarreal ES, guided by Ms. McNabb, GT Specialist, emphasizes support and a growth mindset through teacher collaboration. Ms. McNabb supports her campus in a myriad of ways while students actively engage in critical thinking and creativity, enhancing communication, autonomy, and leadership skills. Parents value GT for growth, while educators stress its engagement and creativity. The NISD GT program shapes learning by pushing students to embrace excellence.

GT Highlights Burke ES

Educators, students, and parents share insights about the NISD Gifted and Talented (GT) program at Burke ES. The GT Specialist, Ms. Sandoval collaborates with teachers to encourage growth mindsets and support students. Ms. Sandoval supports her campus by promoting and sharing strategies that benefit all students, while creating a positive learning environment. Students engage in critical thinking, creativity, and leadership. The program's impact is seen in academic growth, enrichment, and preparing students for the future.

Math and Clustering with GT Students (MaC-GT)

MaC-GT is a program offered in 1st-5th grades at select campuses that clusters high achieving math students with GT students in the same general education classroom. Teachers of MaC-GT classrooms receive specialized professional development in order to better meet the needs of advanced learners. Based on the work of Dr. Marcia Gentry, this program is a specific, research-based, total-school application of cluster grouping combined with differentiation, focused on meeting the needs of students identified as gifted while also improving teaching, learning, and achievement of all students. 

MaC-GT offers students the opportunity to receive a differentiated curriculum that facilitates intellectual stimulation and challenge for much of the day. In addition to increased academic rigor, cluster grouping allows gifted students to make social connections and learn with same-aged peers who may think and learn in similar ways. 

MaC-GT Campuses

  • Adams Hill Elementary
  • Allen Elementary
  • Aue Elementary
  • Beard Elementary
  • Behlau Elementary
  • Blattman Elementary
  • Boldt Elementary
  • Boone Elementary
  • Brauchle Elementary
  • Braun Station Elementary
  • Burke Elementary
  • Carlos Coon Elementary
  • Carnahan Elementary
  • Carson Elementary
  • Cody Elementary
  • Colby Glass Elementary
  • Cole Elementary
  • Colonies North Elementary
  • Ellison Elementary
  • Elrod Elementary
  • Evers Elementary
  • Fernandez Elementary
  • Fields Elementary
  • Franklin Elementary
  • Glenoaks Elementary
  • Hatchett Elementary
  • Helotes Elementary
  • Hoffmann Elementary
  • Howsman Elementary
  • Kallison Elementary
  • Knowlton Elementary
  • Krueger Elementary
  • Kuentz Elementary
  • Leon Springs Elementary
  • Lieck Elementary
  • Locke Hill Elementary
  • Los Reyes Elementary
  • Mary Hull Elementary
  • McAndrew Elementary
  • McDermott Elementary
  • Mead Elementary
  • Michael Elementary
  • Mireles Elementary
  • Mora Elementary
  • Murnin Elementary
  • Nichols Elementary
  • Ott Elementary
  • Powell Elementary
  • Reed Elementary
  • Scarborough Elementary
  • Scobee Elementary
  • Steubing Elementary
  • Thornton Elementary
  • Timberwilde Elementary
  • Tomlinson Elementary
  • Villarreal Elementary
  • Wanke Elementary
  • Ward Elementary
  • Wernli Elementary

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