Student Placement Center

Student Placement

A student is referred to the Student Placement Center if a language other than English is indicated on the required federal Home Language Survey as part of the district registration process.

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The Student Placement Center is located at the:

Teicher Student Services Building
5651 Grissom Road
San Antonio, TX 78238 

Hours of operation:
8:00 am-5:00 pm

Testing hours:
8:15 am-3:45 pm

To schedule an appointment:
Please call (210) 397-8158

Walk-in appointments are not available

Staff Contacts

Diana Díaz
Student Placement Center Specialist 
(210) 397-8184

Julissa Medina 
Student Placement Center Office Coordinator


In Texas, schools follow a process to ensure the success of students who are learning English. The English learner’s services process begins with the identification of the student. 

When a student enrolls for the first time in a Texas public school parents fill out a Home Language Survey (HLS). The survey contains 2 key questions:

  • What language is used in the child's home most of the time?
  • What language does the child use most of the time?

If a language other than English is indicated on either question the Student Placement Center assesses the student to determine his or her English proficiency. The HLS, as well as the results of the English Proficiency Assessment are the first considerations used in determining  whether the student qualifies as an English Learner and would benefit from a language instruction educational program, such as bilingual or English as a second as a language (ESL).

The Student Placement Center provides the following services:

  • administers oral language assessments in English and Spanish for new to Texas school students in grades PK-12th
  • provides English academic assessment in grades 2nd-12th
  • connects with district community service departments

In order to facilitate the testing and complete the student record, the following documents are needed at the testing appointment:

  • school withdrawal form
  • school records, such as classes and grades
  • previous school test/assessment results
  • program participation forms

The approximate duration for the tests are as follows:

  • prekindergarten, kindergarten and 1st grade: up to 1 hour
  • 2nd to 12th grade: 1 to 3 hours

In order for your student to perform their best during the English Proficiency Assessment it is encouraged that they are well rested and have eaten a snack or small meal. It is also helpful that you talk to your student about the testing and help them understand why they are taking the test.