College Credit Opportunities

Advanced Academics

High school students can earn college credits by signing up for dual credit.  Some courses are offered at specific campuses and others are offered at the college campus.  Information about earning college credits may be obtained from the school’s counseling department.

CTE Advanced Academics Courses

Students can take the following CTE advanced academics courses on their high school campus. Course offerings vary by individual camps.

  • Computer Science 2 AP/DC
  • Computer Science 3 H/DC
  • Digital Media
  • Principles of Arts, AV Tech, and Comm
  • Advanced Audio Video Production
  • Business Management
  • Child Guidance
  • Culinary Arts
  • Wildlife Fisheries and Ecology Mgt.
  • Advanced Animal Science
  • Advanced Plant and Soil Science
  • Floral Design
  • Medical Terminology
  • Welding I
  • Welding II
  • Construction Technology I
  • Construction Technology II
  • Construction Management I
  • Construction Management II
  • Electrical Technology I
  • Electrical Technology II
  • Plumbing Technology I
  • Plumbing Technology II
  • Principles of Architecture
  • Practicum in Construction Technology-Electrical
  • Practicum in Construction Technology-Plumbing


Students may attend dual credit courses on the college campus. Northside ISD provides transportation if needed when courses are face-to-face. Students are required to follow the college campus regulations including the college calendar.

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Introduction to Pharmacy
  • Medical Terminology

Two Year Dual Credit Academy Programs

Open to Juniors Only - Applications are required in the spring for fall enrollment

  • Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Academy – Diverse manufacturing – Students attend classes at the St. Philip’s SW Campus
  • Alamo Area Aerospace Academy – Aircraft Mechanics – Students attend classes at the St. Philip’s SW Campus
  • Heavy Equipment Academy - Diesel and Construction Equipment Technology - Students attend classes at the St. Philip's SW Campus
  • Information Technology and Security Academy – Computer Security – Students attend classes at the San Antonio College