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Meeting Time & Location
May / Library


5th Grade Girls Club is a 4-5 week club that is focused on the transition from elementary school to middle school. We discuss a variety of topics around this important and sometimes difficult transition such as confidence, health, beauty, cyber-safety, etc. At the end of our time together we host a tea party where the girls can share their new knowledge with powerful women role models from our community. 

Meeting Time & Location
Oct. 12-Nov. 16 Library - AM

The American Girls Book Club is for third grade girls. Students will read about characters who lived during different eras during American history, and will learn what it was like to be a pioneer girl, a colonist in early American times, or a young girl during the time of civil and world war.

Jovelle Rauschhuber
Meeting Time & Location
Art room from 7:15 - 7:40am

Art Club is for students who are ready to expand their creative side to a whole new level in the art world. Students will explore different art mediums in advance level, express their creative side through self-expression, challenge themselves to think outside the box and gain self-confidence as a talented young artist. Also, students will have opportunities to showcase their artwork at our school district art event: Los Leones/Art Fest, art contest opportunities, and make art displays for special events, including Veterans Day and Bulldog Day. Art Club begins in September and ends in March. 


Cardboard Arcade is a tuition-based after-school science enrichment program for 2nd-grade students.  Students will build engineering skills as they work in teams or individually to design, test, redesign, retest, and eventually create a working arcade-type game. Students will consider game design, rules for playing, and prior science knowledge when designing their arcade games. It's an opportunity for kids to let their imaginations run wild, explore their passions and discover new ideas.

Meeting Time & Location
Feb. 2-April 6 / Library
Meeting Time & Location

The Fernandez Garden Club will provide groups of students an opportunity to engage in project based learning through the development of a school garden. STEAM related skills will guide us through topics related to nature, nutrition, recycling, beautification, irrigation system development, composting, and agriculture.  Children will also participate in service projects through the planting of wildflowers and drought resistant plants as well as weekly litter pickup and environmental protection lessons.

Meeting Time & Location
Nov. 3-Feb. 11

In FIRST® LEGO® League, children are immersed in real-world science and technology challenges. Teams research and design their own solution to a current scientific question or problem while they also build and program autonomous robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology to perform a series of missions. Through their participation, children develop valuable life skills and discover exciting career possibilities while learning that they can make a positive contribution to society.

Meeting Time & Location
Jan.- ? (TR)

Solar Cars allows you to imagine and design a vehicle of the future powered by the sun.  Students will work with a team to create a solar-powered vehicle and then race that vehicle in NISD’s annual Solar Car Races.  The race day is all day April 18th. 

Meeting Time & Location

Student Council is a group of students from grades 3-5.  Each representative/officer is voted in by their peers. Two adult advisors work with the members to provide guidance in various campus and community projects/activities.


Student Council Members:

  • Are viewed as leaders and role models

  • Promote citizenship

  • Promote leadership

  • Promote human relations

  • Promote cultural values  
Meeting Time & Location
7:15 AM / Library

Learn how to present in front of others in a professional manner. You will also learn how to write and edit scripts as well as run the open broadcast system with a green screen.

Ms. Meadows
Meeting Time & Location
Sept. 8-April 15 (T/TR) - Music room

Choir is for students that love to sing and strive to grow vocally, both individually and chorally.  During practice, not only do we rehearse our songs, we vocalize, work on posture, breathing, and expression. The choir sings for special events including Veterans Day, Bulldog Day, Spurs games, and Art Festivals. Choir begins in September and ends in March.

Meeting Time & Location
March 27-March 31 (M-F) / STEM Lab

The coding club is back! The coding club is designed to introduce children to basic programming topics and problem-solving techniques. The club is hands-on and engaging, and we will use a variety of resources to learn how to code. Student selection for participation will be chosen by a lottery system.

Meeting Time & Location
Meeting Time & Location
Morning Dec. 6-Jan. 5 (T/TR) 3-5 Gym
Meeting Time & Location
Afternoon / Outside Field
Meeting Time & Location

Help students in and out of vehicles before and after school. Put the flag on the flag pole in the morning and take it down after school. 

Meeting Time & Location
Nov.-April 15 / Gym

Use your movements and smiles to bring school spirit to Fernandez! We will practice one day a week and perform at special events during the Spring Semester.

Liliana Cavazos
Meeting Time & Location
Sept. 19-May (M/W)

Students will not just perform on an instrument, but also learn note-reading, music theory, music history, and increased technical skill development.  Students are responsible for practicing regularly at home.  Students may choose from violin, viola, cello, or bass.

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