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The Anchored for Life program is a leadership program that gives student leaders the opportunity to support peers through transition. The program provides support for students experiencing a move, deployment of a parent, reunification after deployment, and students transitioning schools during the school year.

Host Brennan Students on campus for required observation hours and education assignments.

Choir is an after school elective for 4th & 5th grade students that enjoy singing a variety of choral literature. Students involved in choir focus on singing properly in unison and sometimes 2-part songs, as well as performing.

Young Astronauts, STEAM team, Flight Club, Solar Cars, Cardboard Arcade

Monthly LP focus with LP parades

Galm Library Crew is for students in the 4th and 5th grades who enjoy books and reading. Library Crew students come in the morning before school to help organize books, tidy and decorate the library, and learn about how the library works. Students also assist parents, teachers, and fellow students with using the library catalog and checking out books.

Galm Elementary Marathon Kids Running Club is an organization made up of 3rd-5th graders interested in learning and developing fitness skills that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle, positive social interaction, and create friendships. We hope to help the students find an inner drive to practice towards achieving their potential all while enjoying themselves.

Military Brats Club is a club for students with an active duty Military parent. Students in grades 2-5 have an opportunity to make friends, gain and give support, and have fun.

Galm News Broadcasting Crew is in charge of producing and broadcasting the morning news. 5th graders serve as anchor that learn to work a teleprompter, microphones, and record using broadcasting equipment.

Mad Science, My Art Starz, Drone Together

Community events: Trunk or Treat, Winter Social.
Campus events: Dolphin Store every quarter, APEX Fun Run fundraiser, Penguin Patch, service projects, Spirit Nights, Author visits, Grade Level Field Trips

The purpose of a Safety Patrol is to display leadership and responsibility by providing safety and assistance to students and staff entering or exiting school.

Our Cup Stacking Team is an organization that allows our speed stackers to experience the enjoyment, passion, and the ability to cup stack in a competition setting. Students are given a unique opportunity for exposure towards various sport stacking patterns.

Ms. Carnes/Ms Wright

5th Grade

Join our Strings Program, an after-school elective designed for fifth-grade students eager to learn how to play orchestral string instruments such as the Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass. Led by Mrs. Wright, the orchestra director from Luna Middle School, our program takes place at Galm every Wednesday and Friday. Students have the freedom to choose their preferred instrument and delve into the world of music. Throughout the sessions, they'll concentrate on mastering fundamental skills, including playing basic rhythms, honing their tone production, grasping basic music notation, and developing a solid foundation in music fundamentals. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to embark on your musical journey!

Ms. Degenhardt and Mrs. Bashkiroff

4th and 5th Grade

Student Council at Galm is a leadership organization for 4th and 5th grade student representatives that promotes citizenship, leadership, and school spirit. The students that make up our Student Council are held to the highest standards as positive, enthusiastic and responsible role models. Student Council creates and sponsors both schoolwide and community projects such as Motivation Mondays, decorating the school for holidays throughout the year and providing students and classes with activities, participating in the Veteran’s Day celebration, hosting a school wide family dance for Valentine’s Day, partnering with PTA on events throughout the year, celebrating teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, and raising funds for various foundations. Student Council makes Galm a great place to be!


Mrs. Bashkiroff and Ms. Fischer

4th and 5th grade

Students learn about the solar system, and develop a passion for the exploration of the final frontier that is space. Students get to interview a future astronaut, and engineer for Virgin Galactic's space program. 5th grade members are invited to attend a Stargazing event held in February at Ward Elementary.

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