Device lending

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We work to provide every student with a device to participate in classwork during the school year.

If your child does not need a device, you can opt out/decline using the Technology Lending Agreement System.

If, at any time after opting out or declining a device, you may also sign in to request a district device.

Student Technology Device Lending Agreement

The use of technology is an important aspect of the educational experience. Throughout the school year, all Northside students are required to access digital instructional materials and assignments daily, both during class and at home.  Subject to your execution of this Agreement, Northside Independent School District (NISD) is providing your student a mobile device (Chromebook, laptop, or tablet) that is, and shall remain, the property of NISD. Northside students that are in need of a mobile device are issued a district-owned device to ensure equitable access to digital curriculum materials.  

NISD agrees to provide your student with an appropriate mobile device and charger for educational purposes only. These devices are not to be used for personal, commercial, or business use.

By taking possession of a student-assigned device and charger, the parent agrees to be responsible as follows:

Students will bring the device and charger to all instructional sessions and use the device in compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy for technology found in the NISD Parent/Student Handbook. Failure to adhere to guidelines outlined in the NISD Student/Parent Handbook may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to temporary or permanent suspension from District Technology Resources.

All NISD-provided devices are CIPA-compliant concerning internet filtering, however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent/guardian to monitor their students’ internet activity and use of mobile devices when not at an NISD facility.

Parent/Guardian assumes responsibility for:

  • Basic care and security of the device and charger on and off school premises.
  • Reporting device or charger problems, breakage or damage immediately to campus staff. Theft of a NISD-issued mobile device should be reported immediately to Northside ISD Police Department (210-397-5600) or your local law enforcement agency.  Theft of a NISD-issued mobile device should also be reported to the student’s home campus.
  • The repair cost due to intentional damage or damage due to neglect or accident.
  • Replacement costs due to device and/or charger loss for any reason (ie. theft, fire, flood, lightning, or any other cause) or in the event the device or charger is damaged, destroyed, or rendered useless while assigned to the student.
  • Ensuring the return of the assigned device and charger to NISD at the conclusion of the academic year, upon withdrawal from a Northside ISD campus, when transferring to another Northside campus, and/or when requested by NISD.

By default, all students have been opted-in to this agreement for the school year, unless a parent explicitly opts their student out.

If you do not agree with the terms detailed above, you will need to OPT-OUT of this agreement by signing in to the technology lending agreement system, and you must agree to provide your student a personally owned device.*

*If you choose to change your request so your Northside student receives a mobile device at a later time, you will need to sign back into the technology lending agreement system to confirm that you OPT-IN, meaning that you agree with the terms and conditions for your student to receive a District-issued mobile device.