Academic Decathlon goes virtual

Like everything else, the annual Region IV Academic Decathlon competition looked different this year, as it was entirely virtual for both regional and state levels. Despite some technical issues at first, Academic Decathletes competed and the winners were announced.

Three NISD teams performed with distinction at the state level. They were:

  • Warren High School, 5th in the state in the large school division; each team member received a $600 scholarship
  • Marshall High School, 7th in the state in the large school division
  • Health Careers High School, 9th in the state and advances to the national competition in the medium school category

In addition, Kale Quevedo of Marshall High School came in fourth Overall Scholastic Individual highest score, and Victor Bayona of Warren High School was fourth Overall Varsity Individual highest score. Both students received a $750 scholarship.

Ruben Pena, Marshall High School Academic Decathlon coach, was named the state’s large school Coach of the Year.


Ruben Pena, Academic Decathlon Large School Coach of the Year

At the regional awards, the following received individual awards:






Alan Shaji- 1st Math, 3rd Interview

Lakshmi Seethina- 2nd Essay

Vicente Vergara- 1st Essay

Eliana Arshad- 2nd Math


Isabelle Moreau- 2nd Speech,

2nd Interview

Ashley Le- 3rd Interview



Mercedes Puente- 1st Speech 1000 pts

Asher Jacobson- 2nd Interview


Health Careers

Adhishree Chidambaram- 1st Literature, 1st Essay, 1st Social Science, 3rd Math, 2nd Music, 2nd Science, 2nd Economics

Praket Desai- 1st Economics, 1t Music, 1st Science, 3rd Literature, 3rd Math, 3rd Social Science

Arunima Jaiswal- 3rd Social Science, 3rd Music

Daniel Leal Serrano- 3rd Essay,

3rd Interview, 3rd Social Science

Benjamin Jackson- 2nd Speech,

2nd Interview, 2nd Economics,

3rd Math

Grace Noronha- 3rd Science

Seth Andal- 1st Essay 1000 pts, 3rd Math

Christiano Gutierrez- 3rd Essay






Aidan Tompkins- 2nd Math, 3rd Essay, 3rd Economics




Paula Sanchez- 2nd Art, 3rd Economics, 3rd Literature

Addison Comley- 3rd Speech

Brianna Hinds- 1st Art, 2nd Social Science

Ronnel Cruzado- 1st Science, 2nd Music, 2nd Social Science, 3rd Art, 3rd Literature

Kale Quevedo- 1st Math, 1st Music, 1st Literature, 1st Science, 1st Art, 2nd Social Science, 2nd Essay, 3rd Speech, 3rd Economics

KeVontre Yates- 1st Art, 2nd Economics, 2nd Literature, 2nd Music, 3rd Science, 3rd Social Science

Jonathan Villanueva- 2nd Essay, 2nd Speech, 2nd Interview


Isabelle Ireland- 1st Speech 1000 pts.

Aidan Arviso- 2nd Essay

Dylan Sutton- 1st Speech


Ashley Mattke- 1st Interview, 2nd Literature, 3rd Art, 3rd Economics, 3rd Science

Lilliana Soto- 1st Economics, 1st Science, 1st Social Science, 2nd Art, 2nd Literature, 2nd Math, 3rd Music

Angelina Sopheap- 1st Speech, 1st Interview, 2nd Science, 3rd Math



Zayne Palmore- 1st Literature,

1st Economics, 1st Science,

1st Social Science, 2nd Art, 2nd Music

Victor Bayona- 1st Music, 1st Economics, 2nd Science, 2nd Math, 2nd Social Science, 3rd Speech, 3rd Interview, 3rd Art, 3rd Literature

Marie Bayona- 1st Math, 1st Interview, 3rd Economics, 3rd Music, 3rd Social Science