Career and Technical Education prepares students beyond graduation

CTE Programs


Imagine being 17-years-old and walking into a good paying job with your future laid out before you thanks to technical skills gained while in high school.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides students with the academic knowledge and technical skills they need to gain entry to high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand industries. CTE provides work-based learning experiences that combine hands-on learning with real-world scenarios so students are prepared to enter the workforce or college after they graduate high school.

More than 30,000 students are currently enrolled in CTE courses in NISD and each year participation continues to grow with a variety of courses offered at each high school campus.

According to NISD Director of Career and Technical Education Deborah Ruel-Schaefer, these courses prepare students for future career paths, whether their plans include college, immediate entry into the workforce, or a combination of both.

“There is a common misconception that CTE programs are for students who do not plan to attend college,” said Ruel-Schaefer. “That may have been the case years ago, but today CTE courses offer students a competitive advantage in preparing for their future no matter what their plans are following high school.”

CTE courses are dynamic and engaging, giving students a platform to find their passion and make a career of it. With options for earning college credit, industry credentials, and postsecondary awards, (like certifications and associate degrees) CTE helps all students prepare for college, career, and life.

More than 26 different areas of study are available at all NISD high school campuses, ranging from accounting, animation, culinary, and cybersecurity to health science, law enforcement, and welding. Visit the NISD CTE website for more information.

There are CTE national career clusters which guide students through a planned program of study. Admission to these courses is based on a student’s interest and aptitude as well as availability.

NISD pays 80% of the costs associated with taking certifications, and 100% of industry credentialing preparation materials.

Instructors are a highlight of CTE —they are talented individuals who are experts in their area of study. Many CTE instructors continue to work in their field while they teach at Northside ISD, giving them the distinct advantage of staying up-to-date on trends and best practices.

Students in CTE programs experience vibrant learning in a focused plan of study, so when they graduate from NISD, they are skilled, knowledgeable, and ready to succeed.

Additional details on Career and Technical Education programs in NISD can be found on the CTE website.