Health Careers wins 1st place in National Academic Decathlon competition

The Health Careers High School Academic Decathlon team placed first in the United States Academic Decathlon Medium School National Online Competition. 

Academic Decathlon is a ten event scholastic competition for teams of nine high school students who compete at the Honor, Scholastic, and Varsity levels, based on their GPA. The theme this year was The Cold War.

For the past several years and in addition to an in-person competition, a separate National Online Competition has been held for small, medium, and large schools. Students complete their tests online and deliver speeches and interviews via Zoom.

The Health Careers High School Academic Decathlon program was created in 2018-19. The team qualified to attend the National Finals Competition last year but was unable to compete due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2021 team members and their individual awards are: 

Honor Level

Adhishree Chidambaram – 1st in Music, 1st in Science, 2nd in Art, 3rd in Social Science, 3rd in Literature, 3rd overall in Honors category and 3rd OVERALL in the competition

Praket Desai – 1st in Music, 2nd in Social Science, 3rd in Economics, and 6th overall in Honors category

Arunima Jaiswal – 1st in Literature, 2nd in Music, 3rd in Economics, 3rd in Social Science and 5th overall in Honors category; 


Scholastic Level

Grace Noronha – 2nd in Economics, 3rd in Music, 3rd in Art, and 4th overall in Scholastic category

Ben Jackson (did not compete at nationals)

Daniel Leal Serrano – 1st in Science, 1st in Art, 2nd in Math, 2nd in Economics, 2nd in Social Science, 3rd in Literature, 3rd in Music, and 1st overall in Scholastic category; 


Varsity Level

Elijah Morgan – 4th in Music and 4th in Math

Seth Andal – 3rd in Music and 3rd in Economics

Christiano Gutierrez – 4th in Economics. 


Health Careers Academic Decathlon coaches are Diana Johnston and Anthony Bosnic.

Visit the United States Academic Decathlon website to learn more about the competition.