New building provides new opportunities at Marshall LMS

Learning to protect and serve the community


Breanna Butts calls it a gift to attend Marshall Law and Medical Services (LMS) High School. The magnet program has provided the aspiring civil rights attorney and congresswoman with much more than an education.

“Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money and we moved around a lot. I wasn’t as strong academically and socially,” Butts said. “Being around everyone here, I have confidence in myself and preparing myself for college and a career. I wouldn’t have this anywhere else. At LMS, there are opportunities and the faith that you can be what you want to be. I don’t have to do this all by myself. Before this, I thought it was impossible.”

She wants to be the first in her family to go to college and that motivation has helped her take advantage of all the experiences available through her Law Enforcement courses, the school’s mentor program, and as part of the first Mock Trial team in Northside ISD.

Next year the magnet school will graduate it’s first class. The school’s new three-story building opened just after Thanksgiving Break and it’s a big, but welcomed, change of scenery. Students are still getting to know their way around, but are most impressed with the spacious health science labs, the mock courtroom, and numerous collaborative spaces with flexible seating.

“It’s a serious program and now we’re here, opening the doors to our new building and becoming a family,” said junior Jordan Carson. “What we’re learning can help us change the path of someone’s life. It’s amazing.”

Carson aspires to be a forensic psychologist or behavioral analyst and she’s on her way to graduating with enough college credit to be classified as a sophomore. She’ll also leave with certifications – every student earns CPR certification as a freshman but there are numerous other certifications possible depending on coursework.

“LMS provides broader resources and connections than I would find at any other school,” Carson said. “Here we have networking and a mentor program with real experiences and a modern view of the world of law enforcement.”

It’s the real-life experiences that helped junior Khushi Nakrani decide to pursue a career in physical therapy. It was perfect timing that LMS opened just in time for her freshmen year and she calls applying a ‘no brainer.’

“I played sports in middle school and had to go to physical therapy,” Nakrani said. “I didn’t always get the care I needed for me, my injury, and my age. I didn’t want other people to face this. I can’t change the world of physical therapy, but I can make a difference.”  

Nakrani is training for her Physical Therapy Technician Certification which she can obtain at age 18. At that point, she’ll be able to work in clinics as a paid position while attending college and studying physical therapy.

She’ll also be prepared through the hands-on experiences that will be offered in the new building’s state-of-the art Career and Technology Education classrooms.

“These labs are huge with so much space for equipment,” Nakrani said. “The space, materials, and resources here definitely benefit us.”

Junior Hector Leal says the new space doesn’t feel like a high school.

“It does feel like a college campus. The new building adds a modern touch to Northside ISD’s first high school. As the first class, we’re going to build up this magnet program and it starts with this building.”

Leal didn’t know a lot about or have a personal connection to law enforcement before attending LMS, but after attending a Magnet Fair in the 8th grade, he was open to all the possibilities.

“It makes sense to come here if you’re interested in law enforcement. They prepare you for what you want to do and you make friends along the way who want to pursue the same careers. Being in the magnet program definitely opened up my interests and all the hands-on experiences improved my drive.”

The school is hosting three open houses and will take part in the two District Magnet School Fairs in December. The full schedule can be found here.

Applications are open until Jan. 14 for the 2022-23 school year and are available on the Magnet Hub website.