NISD campuses win CREST Award for Counseling Excellence

Counseling programs win state awards

The Texas School Counselor Association recognized 62 Northside ISD schools with 2023-24 Awards for Counseling Excellence. This is close to twice the number of schools who received the designation last year!

They are Beard, Behlau, Boldt, Boone, Burke, Carlos Coon, Carnahan, Cole, Colonies North, Driggers, Esparza, Fields, Fisher, Galm, Glass, Glenn, Glenoaks, Hoffmann, Kallison, Krueger, Kuentz, Langley, Leon Valley, Lieck, Locke Hill, Los Reyes, McDermott, Meadow Village, Mireles, Myers, Passmore, Tomlinson, Wanke, Ward, Wernli, and Westwood Terrace elementary schools.

Also, Bernal, Briscoe, Connally, Folks, Hector Garcia, Hobby, Jefferson, Luna, Neff, Rawlinson, Ross, Stinson, Straus, and Zachry middle schools; and Brennan, Clark, Communications Arts. Harlan, Health Careers, Holmes, NSITE, Jay, Jay SEA, Marshall, O’Connor, and Taft high schools.

CREST stands for Counselors Reinforcing Excellence for Students in Texas. Schools receiving the CREST award have demonstrated a commitment using the school counseling program to improve the lives and achievement of students in academic, career, and social domains. 

"The fact that 62 Northside schools across all levels have earned the CREST award from the Texas School Counseling Association (TSCA), is a testament to the incredible work school counselors in Northside continue to do on behalf of students, their campus, and community,” says Mary Libby, Director of Counseling. “These recognized campuses highlight the counselor's role in the academic, personal/social, and career development of ALL students." 

To learn more about the CREST program, visit the Texas School Counselor Association website.