NISD Thespians headed to National competition

This weekend, Northside ISD thespians participated in the Texas Thespian State Festival at the Henry B Gonzalez Convention Center where over 2,000 students from all over the state attended and competed in performance and technical events. Those advancing to national competition are:


Clark HS High School

  • Johnmichael Valenzuela

Directors are Kyle Andrews and Joe Lopez


Marshall High School

  • Cesar De Leon
  • Luis-Carlos Sandoval

Directors are Elise Lopez and Stephen Poer


O’ Connor High School

  • Roman Alonso
  • Persephone Amato
  • Corwyn Briggs
  • Ben Cottrill
  • Payton Cottrill
  • Zoe De Leon
  • Mark McKinney
  • Tatum Sculley
  •  Eleanor Streeter
  • Kayleen Thurow,
  • Maddie Wightman

Director’s Michael Arellano and Guillermo DeLeon


Stevens High School

  • Genaro Alegria
  • JonHenry Dinkins
  • Megan Jones
  • Arielle Marshall

Directors are Sarah Castro and Tara Welch


Taft High School

  • DJ Brown
  • James Brown
  • Jake Burris
  • Jadyn Campbell
  • Jacklyn Clarke
  • Ella Cruz
  • Paulina Csitkovits
  • Ethan Guajardo
  • Solomon Humbert
  • Makayla Kelly
  • Julianna Lagos
  • Kelsi Leishman
  • Kane Lopez
  • Ryan McGuire
  • Colin Swanson
  • Aidan Winfield

Directors are Amanda Pyle, Esther Burton, and Carlos Rodriguez