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The 2022 NISD Redistricting Process is Complete!

New single-member district boundaries were adopted by NISD Trustees at the September 27, 2022 Regular Board Meeting.  Trustees greatly appreciate the feedback received by community members and encourage all NISD residents to review the new boundaries in preparation for future trustee elections.

Redistricting 101

Redistricting is the process by which the geographic boundaries of elective districts (such as school board single member districts) are periodically redrawn in response to changes in population.  NISD is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of seven members who are elected by voters in their single member districts.  

Texas Education Code requires a school board to re-divide single member districts if “census data indicates that the population of the most populous district exceeds the population of the least populous district by more than 10 percent.”  2020 U.S. Census data indicated a 77.5% population differential between our most and least populated single member districts, meaning NISD was required to go through redistricting in 2022.

2022 NISD Trustee Single Member Districts

Northside staff worked alongside a demographer to develop a map that would meet the requirements of redistricting as per the Texas Education Code.  The process for developing the map included efforts to preserve existing single member district boundaries where possible, utilize easily identifiable boundaries (such as major roadways), and maintain communities of interest.  Under the newly adopted map, the differential between the most and least populated districts dropped from 77.5% to 6.7%; well within the 10% requirement. 

Proposed Trustee Single Member Districts

Community Input

During the 2022 Redistricting process, the NISD Board of Trustees sought community input on a proposed map.  While not a requirement, NISD Trustees felt that hosting community meetings on redistricting was an important component of cultivating informed communities and ensuring that every voice was heard.  Members of the NISD community were encouraged to attend a community meeting on September 15, 2022 or September 20, 2022 and/or to submit feedback via email to  All feedback was reviewed and considered prior to adoption of new single-member district boundaries. 

The video below was utilized as an educational resource to inform community members of the Redistricting Process. 



Proposed map presented to the Board of Trustees


Board accepted community input on proposed map


Community Meeting #1


Community Meeting #2


New Boundaries Adopted during Regular Board Meeting.

MAY 6, 2023

Uniform Election Date (first Trustee Election that will incorporate new single member districts)