Photo of BSE Spirit Club

Battle of the Books

Lynn Lowery, Denise Lindquist
Meeting Time/Location
7:15- 7:45, twice a month on Thursday




Battle of the Books is a team-oriented program designed to allow students to participate in reading several books as a team and then competing against other teams to find out who has the greatest ability to recall information from the books. Students will have an opportunity to independently read and enjoy books with a group of their peers and then work collaboratively to prepare for the final competition which will be held in May.  Most of the reading will be done at home and is the responsibility of the students. Students will be chosen for this program based on behavior, grades, their statement of why they want to be a part of the program, and school attendance.  We are currently accepting nominations from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.  There is a cap of 40 students. A lottery will be held to determine who is in the club. 

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