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Perhaps the most normal - or ONLY normal - thing happening this year is state testing.  After last Spring's quarantine and cancellation of testing, we are back at it.  It is the state's expectation that all students at the grade levels and courses as usual.


The State of Texas does not allow state testing at home in a virtual environment; all students will have to come to school on testing days.  To offer some peace of mind to our virtual families, at Holmgreen our test groups will be VERY small.  One group has only four students, and all others are even smaller.  When each test session is over, virtual students will be able to return home, and our in person students will return to the regular school day. Most test sessions will be over by noon. 


Because of the health crisis, NISD families will still be allowed to exercise their right to remain virtual on testing days.  High school students who miss an EOC exam will be required to make up the test at a later date as part of graduation requirements.  Students who remain virtual will still be expected to check in to Schoology for the day’s lessons.



While the district can arrange for a bus, parents also have the option to drive their children to school.  We will be in touch as the dates approach regarding your transportation needs.



Students who have Mr. Mendez, Mr. Buecher and Mrs. Rodgers will test individually during a window from March 21 - May 7.  If you child is required to test, teachers will contact families for specific testing days.


All other students grades 6th – 12th will test as follows:

Grade 6

     May 11. Math

     May 12, Reading

Grade 7

     April 6, Writing

     May 11, Math

     May 12, Reading

Grade 8

     May 6, Science

     May 7, Social studies

     May 11, Math

     May 12, Reading

High school (students will have to be enrolled in the HS course unless notified by the testing coordinator)

     April 6, English 1 (Mrs. Foreman class - students check your English level)

     April 8, English II

     May 4, Algebra

     May 5, US history



David Ely, Counselor and Testing Coordinator

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