Special Education Training for Substitutes

Northside School District offers free Special Education Training for substitutes who are interested in succeeding with special needs students. Completing this two-part series will allow you to receive supplemental pay* for working in the following special education classrooms or campuses:

  • Applied Learning Environment (ALE)—Classroom for Children with Intellectually Disabilities (including autism classrooms)
  • Behavior Mastery Classroom/Center (BMC)
  • Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD)
  • One on one—Provide assistance to one child throughout the entire school day, meeting all physical, intellectual, emotional and behavioral needs
  • Holmgreen Center—Campus for children with severe behavioral disabilities
  • Reddix Center—The Nellie Reddix Center serves two very special populations:
    1. Young adults that have already completed all of their HS credits, who are needing assistance transitioning from school life to adult life
    2. School-age children from 3 years old to 12th Grade who are intellectually, physically, or medically involved, some of whom are medically fragile and need additional nursing support to attend school

* Northside's Special Education training for substitutes consists of two parts, both of which are provided free, and must be completed prior to beginning work with special needs students. You must complete both parts of the training to be eligible for the Special Education salary supplement of $10/day for substitute teachers, $12/day for substitute paraprofessionals. Only those in classrooms listed above are eligible for the Special Education salary supplement.

Part One: STEDI.org

STEDI.org is a nationally-renowned trainer of substitute teachers (affiliated with Utah State University). The Advanced Special Education training is an online training course that builds on their basic substitute teacher training course. The course provides in-depth information about the legal foundations for special education, explores the glossary of terms related to educating students with special needs, and provides appropriate strategies for succeeding with students with special needs. A passing score on this course is required before beginning part two of the training.

Part Two: NISD

Building on the foundation provided by the STEDI.org online course, the NISD training provides face-to-face training for substitute employees, provided by NISD special education training specialists. Participants learn the Northside approach to helping students with special needs.

Eligibility and Registration

Only current, active NISD Substitute Employees are eligible to participate in this training. To register for the training, email the Substitute Office with your employee number.