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Bilingual/Dual-Language Specialist:

 Sara Denny


Dual language immersion/two-way is a bilingual/biliteracy program model in which students identified as English learners are integrated with students proficient in English, are served in both English and Spanish

Program Goals

1. Provide an opportunity for students to develop fluency and literacy in a second language while maintaining their native language and culture.

 2. Maintain academic performance at or above grade level as measured by classroom grades, common assessments, benchmarks and state assessments. 

3. Develop high, positive cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.   

Elementary Schools:

NISD Dual Language Campuses implement the 90/10 Classroom Model.  Schools following the 50/50 DLI program model will be phased out by the school year 2022-2023.

Dual Language classroom compostion whenever possible:

50% English learners (EL); 50% native English speakers (Non-EL)

When a Dual Language Immersion classroom cannot be filled based on the recommended percentages listed above, additional EL students must be placed in the Dual Language Immersion classroom to complete a 22:1 ratio.  Any additional EL students enrolling after the 22:1 ratio is reached will need to be enrolled in the Transitional Bilingual Program. 

Student Eligibility and Criteria:

EL students will be automatically considered for DLI program pending available space.  All other EL students will receive the State mandated transitional bilingual education program.

Non-EL students may enter into the DLI program following the order of consideration:

Group Order for Interested Students on a Space Available Basis:

Group 1—Students with siblings in the program at the campus or students that live with in the attendance zone Group 2—Students living within the cluster Group 3—Out of cluster students

A lottery will be necessary if the campus principal determines that the number of interested Non-EL students exceeds the available seats, based on the above group order.

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