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School Messenger App

To make sure that you’re receiving school news and alerts in the ways that work best for you, Suggested messaging for your school community.

Sign up for the FREE SchoolMessenger app today to

  • Set your communications preferences for calls, emails, texts and more
  • Receive all kinds of school messages (classroom and group updates, activities, alerts, school and district notifications) in one single app
  • Review your messages on any device - smartphone, laptop, etc.

Go to http://go.schoolmessenger.com to download the SchoolMessenger mobile app for Apple and Android devices or use the web-based version from your internet browser.

With the new SchoolMessenger app, parents and community members have 24/7/365 access to important school notifications such as weather and emergency alerts.

In addition, the app can allow teachers and parents to directly communicate with each other, individually or in groups, all from with the same app.

Get started with the SchoolMessenger app today. Go to http://go.schoolmessenger.com and sign up for your FREE account.

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