Technology, safety & security, and technology are part of School Bond 2022

How does School Bond 2022 impact safety, technology, and transportation?


Technology, safety and security, and transportation are three of the components of School Bond 2022. While the overall dollar amounts of these three areas are smaller, they remain priorities and the District is committed to continuing the progress made in previous bonds.


Safety and Security:

School Bond 2022 proposed $18.1 million for safety and security enhancements. Past bond elections have funded security lobbies, but this proposal deals more with upgrading safety and security infrastructure such as fire alarm systems, door hardware, surveillance cameras, video servers, and access controls. 



The School Bond 2022 proposal includes $14 million for equipment and network upgrades such as core switches, internet routers, filters and firewalls, cabling, and telephone equipment. Click here to view a video about why there is less in this bond proposal for technology than in past years. 



Northside has more than 980 school buses that travel more than eight million miles each year and transport approximately 35,000 students to and from school every day. NISD buses have a lifespan of 18 years and are retired after 250,000 miles on San Antonio roads. School Bond 2022 proposes $15 million for purchasing new buses and multipurpose vehicles.