Northside Safety

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Safety is top priority at Northside ISD!

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NISD Police Officers

Law Enforcement Officers

Northside has more than 100 fully-commissioned and armed law enforcement officers. Every middle and high school campus has at least one police officer assigned full-time. Every elementary cluster has one full-time police officer patrolling and capable of responding to any incident within minutes.


Digital Video Surveillance Systems

NISD utilizes digital video surveillance systems at all Northside schools and on all school buses which includes more than 8,000 cameras that can be monitored live at the NISD Police Dept. command center.


Digital Video Surveillance Systems
Bullet-Resistant Security Lobbies

Bullet-Resistant Security Lobbies

Bullet-resistant security lobbies and access control technology exists at every elementary school to provide a single point of entry. These outer lobbies include intrusion alarms and keyless entries preventing a visitor access to the building interior without first presenting proper identification. This security feature is now a part of the district standards for all newly constructed schools and is incorporated into applicable renovations and improvements at the middle and high school level.


Background-check System

All elementary campuses utilize a background-check system that allows the school to immediately detect any registered sex offender.


background-check system
Police officer in car

Collaboration With Other Law Enforcement

NISD police have direct radio communication with the San Antonio Police Department, Bexar County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies.


Online Monitoring Technology

Technology is currently being piloted at multiple district campuses that scans social media and Northside accounts (including emails, chats, and files) for potential issues like threats of violence, cyberbullying, and more.


Online Monitoring Technology
School Drills

Full Time Safety Officer

Northside has a full time Safety Officer that trains students and staff in Active Shooter and Stop the Bleed training and conducts routine safety audits of all district facilities.


Southwest Texas Fusion Center

NISD has police officers assigned to the Southwest Texas Fusion Center. The Fusion Center is a collaborative effort of local, regional and national agencies with the goal of sharing information and resources to detect, prevent, investigate and respond to criminal and terrorist activity.


Southwest Texas Fusion Center
state-of-the-art Communication Center

State-of-the-Art Communication Center

Our police department has a state-of-the-art Communication Center that operates 24/7 and houses 9 highly-trained police dispatchers. This becomes the command center for all critical incidents and allows first responders to be dispatched immediately to any part of the district.


NISD Safeline

Since 2001, the NISD Safeline has operated seven days a week, 24 hours a day and addresses reports of crime, violations of district policy, and safety concerns.


NISD Safeline
School drills

Practiced Safety Protocols

Every Northside campus has established evacuation, lockdown and/or active shooter protocols that are routinely practiced.