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eS2S Military Kids Club

Stephen Gomez

Boldt ES's eS2S Military Kids Club is designed to ensure inclusive, quality educational opportunities for all military-connected children affected by mobility, transition, deployments and family separation. As a campus-based military liaison, Mr. Gomez is responsible for serving as the point of contact and working collaboratively between military-connected students and their families and the campus. He and his team attend yearly training to learn and understand topics related to the transition of military-connected students and their families. Both counselors assist with campus-based supports such as small group counseling. The counselors provide services  to military-connected students based on their unique needs, including their high mobility and deployment rate. 


At Boldt Elementary School, whenever a new military family is identified by our office staff, our Military Kids Club Ambassadors step into action. The following are the responsibilities the eS2S Classroom Ambassador  have:


* Giving new students a tour of the school with the help of one of our eS2SSchool Ambassadors.

* Explaining the class rules to a new student.

* Showing new students the ins and outs of how the classroom functions.

* Sitting with the new student at lunch and helping them feel welcome at our campus.

* Helping the student develop an immediate sense of belonging by playing with him/her at recess.

* Introducing the new student to other friends they may have on campus. 


Here are more resources for our Military Families:

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