Our Mathematics Department offers a very wide range of courses that expand and strengthen students’ analytical skills. The high school mathematics program prepares all students to use mathematics and problem-solving skills when they participate in higher education, technical schools or on the job. The courses focus on mastering objectives and communicating mathematically, reasoning mathematically and applying mathematics to real-world situations.

Our Campus has the following Math courses available:

  • Algebra
  • Algebra II
  • Algebra III
  • Algebraic Reasoning
  • AQR
  • Calculus
  • College Algebra
  • Geometry
  • PreCalculus


Also available to only CCA students is Geometry in Construction.     

Geometry in Construction is an alternative approach to learning Geometry that is available to CCA students.  The objectives will be the same as a traditionally taught Geometry class.  The difference will be the order of the objectives, and the contextualized nature of the lesson plans.  The course will be ordered around the naturally occurring steps in the designing and building of a home.  Students will use and see the mathematics in context, and develop and awareness of future career pathways and the relevance of Geometry through hands-on involvement and real-world application.

To give a little insight into how this class will be taught, a few activities are listed below.

  • Study and design of blueprints and student built scale model homes will be connected with area, perimeter, and similar figures
  • Students will investigate steps and ramps to study the math concept of slope, and its relation to step construction
  • Students will understand how to use a basic transit to find locations for mock surveying.  The students will see the connection between surveying and triangle congruencies
  • Use of trigonometry will be studied in reference to angle cuts that are made for building of interior walls of a building
  • Students will use linear models and discuss the relation to structural engineering of foundations
  • Quadrilateral properties will be used to determine if a newly framed floor section is “square”
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