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Off Campus Lunch Permission Form

Application can be found here:

Families with multiple students must complete an application for each student.


Student expectations for Off-Campus Lunch:

  1. Students who have off-campus permission must present their physical ID to Administration with the appropriate sticker every time they are requesting to leave campus.

  2. Students may not transport other students who do not have off-campus privileges.

  3. Students leaving campus for off-campus lunch must be back by the required time.

  4. Students may not visit other campuses.

  5. Off campus privileges may be revoked at administrative discretion.


This form must be completed by a guardian in order to process the student's off-campus lunch request.

  1. I understand that my student must be a CLASSIFIED Junior (11th) or Senior (12th) 

  2. I understand that my student must have received credit for all classes the previous semester.  

  3. I understand that my student must have passed all classes in the most recent grading cycle.

  4. I understand that if  my student was denied, they may reapply at the end of each semester. 

  5. I understand that eligibility will be reviewed at the semester for approval or denial. 

  6. I understand that if my student drives a vehicle off campus, they must have a current parking permit sticker.

  7. I understand that my student must have a Clark High School ID card.

  8. I understand that my student must have a satisfactory discipline record in order to apply.

  9. I understand that my student may not have any outstanding Fines.


If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us at 210-397-5150.

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