Military Families

Currently, more than 7,000 children with parents who are connected to the military attend schools in the Northside Independent School District. Led by the efforts of school counselors, NISD school communities work diligently to support military families and address their unique educational challenges.

Support Programs for Military Children and Families

Counseling Support Groups
Because children experience a variety of concerns at different ages, Northside Independent School District offers school counseling services to all children in grades Kindergarten through 12. The purpose of school counseling is to help children make maximum use of their educational experience. Schools offer different kinds of groups to help children with the following topics: self-esteem, decision-making skills, coping and life skills, peer pressure resistance strategies, and social relationships. In particular to help support our military children many schools offer a small group called “We Serve Too.”

In several Northside schools where there is a large number of military children, military pride clubs are established. The focus is providing military children and their families an opportunity to socialize with other students/families that have similar concerns.

Counselor Training
The Northside ISD Guidance Department offers additional training opportunities for counselors about the specific needs that military children face. This counselor training also teaches specific strategies/techniques that can be used when working with military children.

Military Children and Family Task Force
The Northside ISD Guidance and Counseling Department formed a task force made up of school counselors who meet several times a year specifically to discuss current military concerns as well as any resources available to our military families.

The NISD Guidance and Counseling Department developed a book bag filled with children’s books and curriculum specifically designed to target handling change (i.e. deployment, moves, loss, and coping). Counselors use this book bag as a resource to develop guidance lessons, small group sessions, and individual sessions.

Parenting Sessions
Northside provides many parent education opportunities throughout the district.

Many of our Northside schools sponsor military events such as: Celebrate Freedom Week, Veterans Day Assemblies, Hall of Honor, Trevor Romain and the Comfort Crew, Salute Night, and Purple Up! Day.

Service Projects
Northside service projects in support of military causes include: Cup of Joe for a Joe, Linus Project, Fisher House, and Wounded Warriors.

Organizations for Military Families