Provide comprehensive support services to students who are Newcomer/Refugees from other countries, their families, and the staff who serve them in an effort to reduce and eliminate barriers to westernized education.

  • Provide support to identified campuses that are impacted with students who are Newcomer/Refugees. 
  • Provide Home Visits
  • Provide Family support and education regarding student progress and support.
  • Support academic growth in the classroom through circle talks about acclamation to the new country and systems.
  • Offer training and professional development to district staff and community partners. 
  • Support students, families, and staff with basic needs and community referrals.
  • Provide individualized 1 to 1 support for students who are struggling in the classroom either academically or behaviorally.

Coordinator: Yolanda Chapman

Family Engagement Newcomer Liaison: Christina St. John

Family Engagement Newcomer Liaison: Emily Williamson

To get support please call 210-397-8930 or email the coordinator.