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Glenoaks Elementary Guidance Counselors

We have two great counselors who are dedicated to all our students needs, Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Brundage.  


Glenoaks Counselors:

Vivian Griffin


I have been an educator within Northside ISD for 4 years and a school counselor at SAISD. I graduated from UTEP with a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies, and from UTSA with a Masters in Educational Guidance and Counseling. I love spending time with my family and my dachshund Rocket.  

Grades: ALE, BMC, ESCE, Kinder, 2nd, 4th , Newcomers



Erica Brundage


I graduated from Texas State University with a bachelors of arts in Psychology & Communication Studies, then Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi with a master of science in counseling. During my studies I earned my teaching certification, school counseling certification, then went on to earn my License Professional Counselor licensure.

This will be my first year with Northside ISD, and my 5th year in education. 


Grades: ESCE, Prek, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and Newcomers



Glenoaks Elementary Guidance and Counseling

Glenoaks Elementary Guidance and Counseling

  My Counselor has ..

Guiding hands to help you learn new skills that help manage your feelings.

A mouth that speaks kind words, but will never repeat what you say unless you’re in danger or hurt

Eyes that see the best in our students and look for ways to help them

Ears that listen to your feelings and problems.

Your Professional School Counselor’s job is to…

• Counsel individual students and small groups to help meet identified needs (6-8 sessions)

• Teach the guidance curriculum and assist teachers with guidance related curriculum

• Consult with parents regarding any concerns about their children

• Consult with teachers, staff, and administrators regarding students’ needs

• Teach parenting skills

• Interpret test results to students, parents, and teachers

• Coordinate with school and community personnel to bring together resources for students

• Guide students in the development of educational and career plans.


How does my child see the counselor?

How does my child see the counselor?

The counselors deliver guidance lessons to classes on a 5 day rotation. 

In addition, the counselors can meet with students individually or through small group counseling sessions.(6-8 sessions). Parent Permission slip is required after the initial session for continued support. 

Group counseling is provided on various topics such as divorce groups, friendship groups, anger management groups, grief groups, self esteem, and responsible choices.  Groups are determined based on the need of each grade level. 

Your child may see the counselor by:

*Self referral

*Teacher referral

*Parent referral

*Administrator referral

*Counselor Invitation

Please click the blue link to open our School Counselor Request Google Form and we will contact you or the student as soon as we can. 



Spanish/ Español


Comprehensive Guidance Program

The guidance program is a developmental educational program designed to help students acquire these skills through planned educational experiences and activities.

Content Goals

• Intrapersonal Relationships

• Developing a positive self-concept

• Changing a particular behavior

• Developing ways to manage the demands of school, social activities, and family

• Making positive decisions and taking responsibility for actions

Interpersonal Relationships

• Evaluating how prejudices can be harmful

• Respecting and appreciating differences

• Learning how to effectively communicate with others

• Navigating relationships with friends, dating partners, family members, teachers, and future employers

Content Goals

• Post-secondary Planning and 

• Career Readiness

• Motivation to achieve in school

• Understanding how grades can affect post-secondary choices

• Selecting a career or college pathway

• Setting post-graduation goals

Personal Health and Safety

• Identifying resilience and positive coping skills

• Identifying assertiveness skills for personal protection

• Learning how to set personal boundaries

• Creating a personal wellness plan


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