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2nd Grade

2nd grade students Picture

Welcome to second grade! The best grade in elementary!! 

In second grade we focus on building a solid educational foundation teaching fundamental concepts in all core subjects to help students meet learning objectives. 


English  Language  Arts  and  Reading

In second grade we make sure students are able to read carefully and independently. They will grow in their ability to comprehend unfamiliar text and to make predictions on what they just read. 

In writing we will continue learning to communicate clearly and coherently with their writing. We also begin to study the writing process.



In second grade math we strive to set a strong mathematical foundation working on number and algebraic reasoning, geometry and measurement as well as data analysis and personal financial literacy.



In second grade we use careful observation and investigation to learn about  the  natural  world and reveal  patterns, changes, and cycles.


Social Studies

In Grade  2, students  focus  on a  study  of  their  local  community  by  examining  the  impact  of significant  individuals and  events on  the  history  of  the  community  as well  as on  the state  and nation.

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