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Hobby Middle School Electives

In this class, your child will be introduced to art techniques, which are the building blocks that will provide a solid foundation for future art lovers and artists. Children will explore the great world are art using oil pastels, clay, paper and paint. This unique learning experience places an emphasis on having fun while exploring creativity! 

  • Beginner Art MS 1 (6910)
  • Intermediate Art MS 2 (6911) 

AVID (9097)

  • For students who want to attend college
  • Support for rigorous classwork
  • Organization & time management
  • Note-taking & research skills
  • Leadership skills & opportunities
  • Goal Setting
  • UTSA tutors
  • Guest Speakers

Application/Interview Process

Must enroll in at least one Advanced core course. 

Teaching students about music through learning to play a wind or percussion instrument, thereby providing them with an artistic outlet as growing musicians.  The program is sequenced in a developmentally appropriate way to take students from the very beginning stages of playing their instrument to strong competency as middle school musicians.

Beginner Band (6017)

  • No experience required
  • Open to any 7th grade student
  • Band Directors meet with you and test you on different instruments

Intermediate Band (6024)

  • For second year band students 

Jazz Band 1 (6081)

  • For second year band students 
  • Must also enroll in Intermediate Band

In Choir, students learn to sing and read music. The Hobby Choir  also performs for different school events and at places like the AT&T Center during Spurs Games!

  • Beginner Treble (Girls - 6401)
  • Beginner Tenor/Bass (Boys - 6402)
  • Intermediate Treble Choir (Girls - 6411)
  • Intermediate Tenor/Bass Choir (Boys - 6412)

Prerequisite - Beginner Choir 


Students learn skills in ballet, jazz, tap, modern dance, hip-hop, musical theater dance, and world dance forms. 

  • Dance 1 (6810)
  • Dance 2 (6820) Prerequisite - Dance 1

 Dance can also take the place of your PE credit for 7th and 8th grade year!

In these classes the student will receive guidance in techniques for producing proper tone, pitch, rhythm, posture, dynamics, and performance at different levels. Orchestra is also a class designed to help build self-esteem (achievement), cooperation (playing in an ensemble), and life skills (practice, study, commitment) through the discipline in learning to play an instrument.

Beginner Orchestra (6079)

  • No experience required
  • Students learn to play the violin, viola, cello or bass

Intermediate Orchestra (6085)

  • For second year Orchestra  students 

Advanced Orchestra (6086)

  • For third year Orchestra  students 
  • Prerequisites:  Strings (5th grade), Intermediate Orchestra (6th grade)

PBS Future Lab (8800)

This is a lab-based class. You will learn culinary skills (cooking), health science, fashion, agriculture, business, and so much more! 

Spanish 1 (5714)

Students work on developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Students  also learn about Spanish culture, people and customs.

Spanish 2 (5715) 

Students continue to develop skills and learn to use them in everyday situations. 

Advanced Spanish 2 (5732)

This class includes more independent activities. Teacher must recommend.

Advanced Spanish 3 (5742)

Students continue building skills  in speaking and listening as well as independent, paired and group work. This class is for students  who were in a dual language program. Teacher must recommend.

STEM Future Lab (8810)

Students work on projects that are in the fields of Architecture, Arts and Audio Video, Construction, Engineering, Information Technology (Cyber), Law (Forensics), Manufacturing, and Transportation (Automotive)

Beginner Theatre (6609)

Students learn beginning acting skills, technical theatre techniques and basic elements of drama to create a theatrical performance. 

Intermediate Theatre (6610)

Students continue to build on their skills from beginner theatre.

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