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Important Notice: Even though our campus is currently closed, counseling services are still available to students at home, via Google Hangouts, Google Chat, or by telephone. Follow the link below to learn more:

NISD Request to See Counselor (Online Form)


The Holmgreen Guidance Department offers counseling services that include personal counseling, crisis counseling, class guidance and academic/career planning.  Four Skill Goals serve as the focus of the guidance program:

Intrapersonal Relationships 

  • Developing a positive self-concept 
  • Changing a particular behavior 
  • Developing ways to manage the demands of school, social activities, and family 
  • Making positive decisions and taking responsibility for actions

Interpersonal Relationships 

  • Evaluating how prejudices can be harmful 
  • Respecting and appreciating differences
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with others 
  • Navigating relationships with friends, dating partners, family members, teachers, employers

Post-secondary Planning and Career Readiness 

  • Motivation to achieve in school 
  • Understanding how grades can affect post-secondary choices 
  • Selecting a career or college path 
  • Setting post-graduation goals 

Personal Health and Safety 

  • Identifying resilience and positive coping skills 
  • Identifying assertiveness skills for personal protection 
  • Learning how to set personal boundaries 
  • Creating a personal wellness plan


NISD Guidance Curriculum is structured by four components:


Through class meetings, the counselor will teach lessons that help students with their social skills and personal choices.

Responsive Services

Students can bring their personal issues to the counselor for help and support.  For the most part, to foster honest and open communication, these meetings are held in confidentiality.  However, student safety and well-being demands that a few specific topics are not protected by confidentiality:  

  • Harm to self
  • Harm to other students
  • Sexual Contact/Pregnancy
  • Treats to school safety
  • Information requested by a valid subpoena

Individual Planning

Students will work with the counselor on course selection, graduation plans and post-secondary plans individually and in the classroom.

System Support 

Students will see the counselor helping out the school system in any number of capacities, from being on lunch duty to meeting with parents and administrators.  It’s hoped that this support leads to a stronger relationship between the counselor and the students.

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