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Gifted & Talented Program

Gifted & Talented Program

Northside Independent School District recognizes that all students are entitled to a program of educational experiences which provides opportunities to maximize the development of their capabilities. Our goal is to engage identified GT students through a program model that exemplifies the vision of NISD GT by creating a highly challenging learning environment that fosters energy and excitement, encourages students to create and evaluate, and provides experiences that enable students to reach their fullest potential as independent thinkers. Gifted learners at the middle school level are a population with distinct educational needs. They have potential that requires differentiated and challenging educational services beyond those provided in the general education program. High-ability adolescents can differ from peers in cognitive skills, interests, modes of learning, and levels of motivation. GT students benefit from learning environments that both celebrate their unique needs and simultaneously support them in becoming more capable and productive. (National Association for Gifted Children) Beginning in the Fall of 2022, the district will implement a GT model with defined GT courses at each grade level. The courses, Innovative Thinkers 1, 2, and 3, are developed around district-created curriculum specifically designed to create opportunities where students are challenged to think critically, explore, create, develop, and become independent thinkers and leaders. All Innovative Thinkers courses are taught by the campus GT Specialists, who have completed the state required GT training and are experts in their field.

Middle School Advanced Academics Course Opportunities for Identified GT Students

Innovative Thinkers: A year-long dedicated GT course developed especially for middle school gifted and talented students. This course includes opportunities to explore new ideas and novel approaches to challenges and problem based learning experiences in the following areas: STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), Character Development, Public Speaking, Social/Emotional Learning, Research, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. Identified GT students will be scheduled into the courses listed below.

6th Grade: Innovative Thinkers 1

7th Grade: Innovative Thinkers 2

8th Grade: Innovative Thinkers 3—HS Credit

GT Services at Middle School Magnet Schools

Identified GT students attending any of our Middle School Magnets will receive GT services through specialized magnet courses and curriculum. These courses and curriculum are designed to foster inquiry and challenge students to think critically, create, and conduct research to support their ideas and outcomes. All magnet courses are taught by teachers who have completed the state required GT training and will provide differentiated instruction to our GT students.

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